Restraining Orders


Restraining Order

Typically in a domestic violence situation if the police make an arrest and if the victim requests the police will issue or get issued for that person an emergency protective order and that expires in just a couple of days when the person as their first court date. At that first court date if charges are filed it’s within the purview of the district attorney whether there’s going to be a new temporary restraining order issued and then at the end of the case if there’s a conviction there could be what they call a permanent restraining order even though it’s not permanent it can be 3,5 even 10 years. There’s also a corollary to that which is in civil court. The person can on there own and with the help of the district attorneys office bring restraining orders against the person who is alleged to have committed the act of domestic violence and those retraining and all of the restraining orders call for either no contact at all or no force, threats, harassment, annoyance, molestation, things like that. They require staying 100 feet, they eliminate firearm rights, they can affect dog custody or cat custody or other types of pets. They can affect use of social media. You’re not allowed to use go-between so if it’s like you have a friend in common you cant tell the friend to tell the protected person “Hey, I said ‘Hello’.” So there are a lot of consequences that can along with this potentially.

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