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Attorney Jay Leiderman is Board Certified as a Specialist in Criminal Law by the State Bar of California. Jay is one of the most experienced medical marijuana defense attorneys in the State. Jay has experience defending computer hacking crimes, drug sales and possession, rape, sexual assault and unlawful sexual intercourse, child molestation, possession of child pornography, possession of bombs, theft, and embezzlement of all varieties, robbery, burglary, counterfeit currency, violations of gang injunctions and restraining orders, hit and run involving serious bodily injury and property damage.


When I was younger I used to travel around the country seeing Grateful Dead shows a lot. You know our cars weren’t so good and we all had long hair and looked like some of the cops would want to mess with and you know we were messed with.
The idea that certain types of people could be just arbitrarily picked on by the police was ingrained in me before I even finished high school. I really believe in the United States Constitution. I really believe in the California Constitution and I really believe in justice for the accused. We find our rights being krept in on and swept in on and stomped in on and stomped under and you need that fight in you. For my whole life, this is always what I’ve wanted to do.
One of the most important things beyond a vigorous and hard-hitting defense is to make sure that your client is satisfied through with their journey through the criminal justice system because a lot of people get trampled. I want to make sure that never happens to a client of mine. It’s not about technicalities, it’s about the law. Everyone has the right to the best defense they can have and that’s what I provide for them. I charge hard. I thoroughly investigate the case. I get every piece of information I can get. I’ll bring whatever motions I can bring. It’s the drive to bring in the best result for each case that keeps me going and winning to me isn’t a game. Its an obsession for each client and each case.
I work as a purchaser and the compliance officer for HPC, Hueneme Patient Collective in Portway  Hueneme. We are thriving cannabis dispensary. Its an industry that isn’t exactly welcomed with open arms by politicians and local law enforcement. That’s why its really good to have someone like Jay who is entrenched in the industry. I know that I can call Jay Leiderman because he’s a trusted name and hes been a trusted name in this industry for a really long time.
I met Jay probably about seven ago. Jay was an experienced trial lawyer. When I got my first big hacker case and I needed to turn to someone for advice and Jay was somebody in that space and he’s a trusted trial lawyer and so if you got to go to trial in a criminal defense matter Jay is the guy you want to call because he’s experienced and that experience he’s got comes from being in a courtroom. There’s a lot of people out there that think being a lawyer is just pushing paper. Jay has been in a courtroom hundreds of times. He’s done lots and lots of trials. When the government is going after you and wants to put you in jail or takes somebody from your family from you, your liberties, call Jay.
I have to make sure that what I believe is just is the result in the case and I think I have a good sense of what a just result is. I’ve been doing this for twenty years. I’ve seen every type of case twenty or a hundered times over and I will not stop until I get that result or better.

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