Harmful Internet Content



California penal code section 653.2 is a fairly new section and it involves posting harmful matter on the internet with the intent that someone use that matter against you. It could be something as simple as like your email address or home address or something like that. Something more complex like your social security number or your credit card number but the point behind the crime is that its to get someone to use that so that you will be harassed or harmed and it’s like most other computer crimes to prove the identity of the perpetrator they have to put specific fingers on this specific keyboard at a specific time and that is what’s so difficult because it takes a lot of forensic work to get that done.
In California, we have not seen a lot of these prosecutions yet. The crimes are on the books but the local police departments don’t really have the people and facilities to do these cases but they’re coming and the money is starting to come in and some of the focuses are starting to change especially now that marijuana has been legalized. Some of the focus on drug crimes and things like that are turning to cybercrime and we are starting to see more sort of the regular cybercrime like theft and it won’t be long until we start seeing like this because this is a fairly common thing especially among younger people to do. They get into a fight over a video game or something on PlayStation or some kind of Twitter spat and the next thing you know information is posted its called doxing someone. It’s a docs like documents. So were going to start seeing a lot more of these crimes in the near future.

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