Group Assault


One of the more common types of the more serious assaults, the assault with either a deadly weapon or with force likely to produce great bodily injury happens in the course of group assaults and a lot of times group assaults aren’t exactly what you would think they’d be. A lot of the times it happens that you are or your friends are out drinking at a bar or at a party and someone else in a group of their friends are there. There’s alcohol involved and all of a sudden punches start getting thrown and there’s 10 different people involved and there something called the natural and probable consequences doctrine that if you get involved in a fight and maybe one of your friends pulls a knife or something like that you become responsible for some of their behavior and can be charged with enhanced penalties such as taking a misdemeanor to a felony even if you were a minor participant in the fight and didn’t particularly hit or hurt anyone. So you see a lot of these group fights come out of alcohol-fueled situations but they can be really quite serious even if you do very much with it.

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