Federal Crimes


So there are basically three ways that a case becomes federal. One, it invokes federal jurisdiction meaning is a federal crime that doesn’t exist on the state level. Two, they’re sort of a hybrid of state crimes that are used as priors and elevated by a federal statue for example the Armed Career Criminal Act. Third, there are state crimes like DUI and the possession of marijuana that happen on federal land and that can be Sequoia National park which is nearby Ventura and Santa Barbra and Los Angeles counties, Vandenberg Air Force Base. I’ve had people that have sort of camped over the line that ended up on Vandenberg Air Force Base property not knowing it with a little bit of marijuana and ended up with those tickets. There’s Point Mugu. There’s naval base Ventura County. All those sometimes people are lost they get passed the guard station and they’re in possession and let the guards search their car before they just turn right back around for some reason. It’s very very common and those end up in federal court.

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