Driving Under the Influence (DUI)


Drug DUI

Driving Under the Influence in California could involve several different things. One would be driving while impaired because of alcohol such that you couldn’t safely operate a vehicle. Another would be driving a vehicle over 8.08% blood alcohol concentration. Another would be a minor driving with any measurable amount of alcohol. A commercial truck driver for example driving with an 05. Driving under the influence of drugs, prescription drugs, or unlawful drugs. Those are all types of DUIs in California. In most counties, they will deal you a reckless perhaps if it’s a favorable situation. I was able to get one somehow for a client of mine in Santa Barbra last week on a .17 which is more than twice the legal limit and there was a prior on it. So that was very fortunate but Ventura doesn’t do that and they seldom dismiss a DUI and they go forward on all of them and they’re very aggressive with them.

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