Consequences of Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence

The consequences of domestic violence convictions can be extremely dire, extremely serious. One of the things that people are most concerned about is that someone will lose their firearm rights for life. That’s not a California state thing that’s a Federal thing. Any crime involving domestic violence or violation of the domestic violence restraining order calls for a lifetime ban on ownership or possession of firearms.

In California, you also have to do a 52-week batters program where once a week for a full year you’ll have to attend a class that involves group discussion and knowledgeable information about domestic violence. There are monies that need to be paid to shelters. There’s typically 16 hours of community service on top of whatever jail time may be dulled out. There are search terms that must come with probation for weapons and typically there are restraining orders attached to it. Either a no contact with the victim or no force or violence. Makes it very difficult if you had been living with the person. You’re forced to move out. It could have child custody implications. The consequences of a domestic violence conviction can be extremely serious and that’s why I fight those cases so hard because once there is a conviction its so difficult to regain all the parts of your life that you just had disrupted.

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