Challenges in the Cannabis Industry


Marijuana Law

One of the primary things that pops in terms of getting into the lawful side of the cannabis industry are past records. There cant be any drug crimes or felonies on a person’s records. So one of the first things I’ll do for a client is clean up their record via expungment and sometimes that requires going around the states. Sometimes it requires going to different states. Working with attorneys in different states to get the record clean. Everything still has to be disclosed to the city or country for which they are applying, but that its expunged gives them that much greater of a chance of getting that license.
The second biggest obstacle that im seeing from my clients is zoning. There are people that think they know where the zoning is going to be when a city is about to open up in terms of a where they’re going to allow either storefront dispensaries or deliveries or whatever to operate out of and the people that think they know are usually right and storefronts and businesses and buildings get snapped up and there ends up being no inventory. So sometimes its question of trying to apply for a variance. Sometimes it’s a question of trying to form partnerships. Sometimes it’s a question of being on it with landlords and stuff like that and figuring out who is defaulting on their lease because they’re not going to get a permit and getting your clients in there before someone else gets in there. It all depends.

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