Cannabis Industry – Licenses


Medical Marijuana Laws in California

Some cities in Ventura County and in fact Ventura county itself are discussing licenses for different things. 1000 Oaks for example give out one license for a dispensary, a storefront retail, and one license for a delivery and one license for a testing lab. The city of Ventura is going to allow a few delivery services. They haven’t given the rules for that yet. They’ve set the prices, but they haven’t given the rules for that yet. The city of Oxnard is already approved growing and manufacturing which is distilling the plant into honey oil sometimes called hash or shatter or wax or whatever name you want to use for the different type of product. Oxnard is doing that. Port Hueneme is doing full dispensaries with full deliveries. They’re also allowing extract labs and cultivation. Indoor cultivation. So people are growing. They haven’t given out a whole lot of permits for that yet. I’ve been working on one with my clients for over a year and hopefully, it’s going to come to fruition real soon.

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