Port Hueneme

Port Hueneme is a small coastal city in southwest Ventura County. It faces the Santa Barbara Channel on the west and is surrounded on all other sides by the city of Oxnard. Located 60 miles northwest of Los Angeles and 40 miles south of Santa Barbara, it is home to the Port of Hueneme, an important hub for international shipping and naval personnel and the only major port between L.A. and the San Francisco Bay area.

The City of Port Hueneme was incorporated in 1948 and became a Charter City in Ventura County, CA in 1996. Recent population estimates place the number of residents in Port Hueneme at 22,173.

Port Hueneme Police Department

With approximately 21 officers, the Port Hueneme Police Department provides comprehensive law enforcement services to the community from its headquarters located at 250 N. Ventura Road. The main phone number to the police station for non-emergency issues is (805) 986-6530.

The former Chief of Police, Robert Gager, left the job in May 2015. He was replaced with the current Chief of Police, Andrew Salinas. Prior to becoming the Chief of Police, Andrew Salinas was a 22-year employee and commander with the Oxnard Police Department.

The Port Hueneme Police Department website has information and filing complaints and police reports, as well as information about various active divisions within the department. The PHPD also has a youtube channel, and a facebook page.

Courts Serving Port Hueneme

Most criminal matters in Port Hueneme are dealt with at the Superior Court of Ventura County,Ventura Hall of Justice:

800 South Victoria Avenue, Ventura, CA 93009

This courthouse can be reached at (805) 289-8900.

Simi Valley East County Courthouse handles trials for traffic-related offenses and is located at:

3856-F Alamo Street, Simi Valley, CA 93063

The contact number is (805) 289-8545.

For juvenile offenses, cases are heard at the Juvenile Court for Ventura County, located at:

4353 E. Vineyard Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93036

It can be reached at (805) 289-8820.

Port Hueneme Criminal Defense Attorney

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