Why You Need Attorneys for Your Anchorage Accident Case

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December 10 2019

Slip-and-falls, trip-and-falls, and auto accidents are the most common types of accident cases, and, as such, there are lots of attorneys able to prosecute such cases in Anchorage and the surrounding locales.  However, there are additional types of personal injury cases that such Attorneys in Anchorage Alaska are able to help you bring, whether on your own behalf or on behalf of another.  If you are injured as a result of someone else’s acts or failures to act, the best way to learn if you are entitled to compensation is to find an attorney with experience in the area under which your case falls.

In addition to car accidents and slip-and-falls, personal injury attorneys can prosecute cases involving (a) wrongful death, (b) trucking accidents, (c) motorcycle accidents, (d) bicycle accidents, (e) pedestrian knockdowns, and others.

Motorcycle accidents, listed in the preceding paragraph, pose some interesting differences.  The leather clothing, strong helmets and other protective garb you see motorcyclists wearing demonstrate the inherent dangers of motorcycle riding.  So do the numbers. A motorcycle operator is 26 times more likely to die in a crash than an automobile driver.

The reasons for this include, but are not limited to, (i) a motorcycle has two wheels, as opposed to four wheels like a car, thereby making it more difficult to maintain balance, (ii) not having an external frame makes a motorcycle far more dangerous than the standard automobile, (iii) as motorcycles are smaller than automobiles, they are more difficult for others on the road to notice, (iv) motorcycles lack airbags, lane departure warnings and other safety features common in automobiles, making it far more dangerous, and (v) it is more of a challenge for motorcycle operators to hear external noises such as car horns, skids, etc., especially when there is no external frame to block out the noise of airflow and wind.


Attorneys In Anchorage Alaska also understand that a motorcycle rider is not only more likely to get into an accident, but one’s chances of suffering more severe injuries than in a car are much higher.  While this is negative for one’s health, it also leads to higher amounts of compensation.


In any accident arising out of a driver in a car, motorcycle, truck, SUV and more, quality attorneys will seek out as many defendants as possible.  Defendants from whom monies may be sought for a vehicle operator’s injuries include:


  1. if a victim is collided into by another vehicle, the operator (and owner) of that vehicle can be sued,
  2. if a victim’s vehicle slips on uneven or debris-filled roads, the owner(s) of those roads may be liable for failing to keep them clean and safe, and
  3. if a victim is injured due to a wipeout at or near a construction site, any person or entity involved in the construction could be a defendant if they (i) failed to properly clean the area, (ii) failed to provide warning signs that the area was unsafe or (iii) failed to rope off or otherwise barricade the dangerous areas.

And how do you find attorneys in Anchorage Alaska to assist you?  Nothing beats referrals from those you trust.  Television commercials, radio ads, advertising boards, trains ads, internet ads, etc. may be violative of laws themselves.  An attorney already violating the law may not be the best advocate for your case.

Some examples of issues attorneys may do that violate the law include:

  1. making false or misleading communications about themselves, their services or a prospective client’s need for services;
  2. making material misrepresentations of fact or law;
  3. creating unjustified expectations of results; and
  4. comparing his services to another’s services without any basis, in fact.

Then there is the need to know that your lawyer can perform even the most basic tasks in a thorough and professional manner.  To help determine this, be sure to meet with them face-to-face before agreeing to use them.  At the time you do meet, be sure they listen and explain everything clearly, whether it be the contents of the retainer agreement, the litigation process, and beyond.  If you offer questions and suggestions, make sure they are attentive and provide sound reasoning as to why they accept or reject your comments.  When there is a settlement offer, it is communicated to you along with the rationale for why or why not to accept the deal.  And, most importantly, the attorney acts in your interest and not his own.

In any situation where you were injured as result of someone else’s negligence, retaining an attorney is crucial because there is a lot to know, from drafting and filing a complaint, serving a complaint, answering a complaint, conducting discovery, depositions, motion practice, trial, time deadlines, appeals, collecting money post-trial and more.  It is difficult for a layperson to know all of this, so find attorneys with the experience to help you recover for your injuries.


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