What is one word to define an unstable histrionic narcissist? Basko! Sue Basko! [Part 1]

Jay Leiderman
By: Jay Leiderman
December 13 2014

For some reason, I have the misfortune of having unstable histrionic narcissist [Susan Marie] Sue Basko email me frequently. She is, I believe, in a conspiracy with people who act like two vile sub-humans and are harming a client of mine. When you lie down with dogs …

I am an attorney in a lawsuit against one of the poorly behaved individuals. None of the three, including Attorney Basko, seems to under stand that the lawyer is not the client. They fail to distinguish the attorney client relationship from any other relationship so all three not-so-bright individuals act as though the lawsuit is me vs. them. For lack of a more artful term, it’s just stupid.

So my client, Plaintiff, put Basko’s name in the new complaint, as she is associating and committing acts with the person named in he complaint, Defendant. Mind you, Plaintiff have not yet named her as a defendant. The below nonsense was just merely because her name was mentioned.

Unstable histrionic narcissist, anyone? Yup, Sue Basko, coming right up. Sad, she says she’s a grandmother. I can’t imagine her family is proud her her.

At least she didn’t hire a witch to curse me, she’s done that, you know.

sue basko
Who knew? Soliciting witchcraft and spells is the way Sue Basko lawyers.

As promised, the hilarious email:

Dear Jay [where does she get off calling me Jay, we are not friends!],

This email is confidential and I will not tell anyone else that I am writing it to you [but I will, crazy lady, and will keep on publishing these until you leave me alone].

As you probably know, I have assisted a number of people who have mental health issues [No, you haven’t, and you know it]. I help them find the medical care they need and support them while they get started. There’s been good outcomes [never once have you done that].

I’d like to suggest the same to you. I have located a doctor in Ventura that I have a hunch [?] might be a good fit for you. She is affordable and sounds nice. Her name is Dr. [ ]. She looks friendly and kind. [You purport to have a good success rate by looking at pictures for who looks friendly and kind? You’re crazier than I thought you were]

Her phone number is [ ] or [ ] and her email is [ ].

This tells her qualifications and gives her contact info: [ ]

Dr. [picked by throwing a dart at a dartboard]’s profile. [ ]

This is her website: [ ]

— Susan

Susan Basko, Esq.
California and Illinois
EMAIL: suebasko@gmail.com
phone: 310-770-7413
LEGAL INFO: https://suebaskolaw.blogspot.com
MUSIC & FILM LAW BLOG: https://suebasko.blogspot.com
This e-mail message may contain confidential and/or privileged material. Delivery of this message to any person other than the intended recipient(s) does not in any way waive privilege or confidentiality. The information transmitted is intended only for the person or entity to whom or which it is addressed. Unauthorized use, disclosure or copying is strictly prohibited.

5 thoughts on “What is one word to define an unstable histrionic narcissist? Basko! Sue Basko! [Part 1]

  1. I really hope that her family will get her the help that she needs. 2015 will be a good year for her to get disbarred and find a hobby in her local psych ward

  2. I’ll just start by saying, as a general matter yes, Jay, of course, especially in this particular draining case, you are entitled to your stress. It comes with the bar card. It also comes with situations where idiots harass you because, as you say, they don’t understand how the attorney-client relationship works.
    But if you made it through law school and years of representing accused criminals, and you’re still here in one piece, there’s an irrebuttable presumption that through the years, you have developed your own personal coping mechanisms and support structures.

    In most cases, it might be considered naive for someone to propose such straight-forward unsolicited offers of professional emotional health help at this point in any attorney’s career.

    We’ve all seen Basko play the “you’re mentally ill” card on her perceived enemies time and time again. It’s her way of controlling an adversarial situation. (Along with “Stalker”, “criminal” etc). Rather than Basko making a single introspective effort to either figure out a way to articulate her position, mutually negotiate the situation, or know when to simply back out and go away, she spews negative labels onto her opponents while slapping self-praising labels onto herself. Funnily enough, for every negative label she slaps onto her opponent, she seems to slap about 10 onto herself. And end the caravan of narcissistic adjectives with “grandma”.

    I know you absolutely will not take up her offer, but we all know what would happen if you did. You’d become the object of her blogging, eternally indebted to her savior qualities. You’d become the newest soul she’s rescued from the treachery of “mental illness”. It was her! All her! No other forces of the planet could have saved you! You were doomed to a life-long struggle without her assistance! She will highlight you in a blog listing all of the past “clients” she’s “helped with mental health issues” despite the fact that probably hasn’t touched a psychology book since she needed to take the subject for undergrad general ed, let alone has any sort of degree in psychology or a related field.
    And if you donate to Basko’s paypal, today, she can continue to help her menagerie of poor vulnerable mentally ill men with her googling, incessant phone calling, and life-prying skills.

    Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Basko has it all right. Continuously posting comments under her own name (as even more continuously under aliases) on a blog that is disparaging your client. Maybe that’s the right way to freaking go. Even though, as far as we could tell, before the existence of this blog, she had no reason to be involved in a matter between the plaintiff and defendant. While she had her own twitter battles, they never even touched let alone crossed over with the subject matter and parties of this case. But you know– enemy of my enemy..’s… client? Brilliant.

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