The litigation privilege and a crazy person threatening you to not file papers about them, Sue Basko [Part 2]

Jay Leiderman
By: Jay Leiderman
December 15 2014

Sue Basko Crazy Emails [Part II] – Cease and desist practicing law!
[Click Here for Part I] Part III, the follow up nutso email in response to this post follows this post and is marked as an update below. If anyone ceases or desists in reading this I will call the FBI, CIA, the PTA, Homeland Security and the WWE on them.

The litigation privilege is sacrosanct among lawyers because it allows it allows us to file appropriate paperwork, naming appropriate people. Complaints are allegations. They are facts that we believe we can prove at trial. We must file facts that allege wrongful conduct, otherwise what is the point of ever filing a lawsuit? Only the biggest waste of a State Bar number doesn’t know that complaints are allegations that must be plead and proved. Or, maybe someone that is very mentally ill, but still calls themselves a lawyer wouldn’t know this, in which case how sad, but that person should really stay away from a keyboard.

Here is a primer on the litigation privilege in California:

Lawsuits filed against litigation lawyers by their clients’ adversaries primarily seek vengeance. ( See Richard K. Burke, “Truth in Lawyering”: An Essay on Lying and Deceit in the Practice of Law, 38 ARK. L. REV. 1, 20-21 (1984) [discussing peculiar hostility directed by lay persons toward lawyers] Lawyers, however, are absolutely immune from civil liability for statements or conduct that may have injured, offended, or otherwise damaged an opposing party during the litigation process. This protection, often referred to as the “litigation privilege,” shields a litigator regardless of malice, bad faith, or ill will of any kind. While recognizing that the terms “privilege” and “immunity” have not necessarily been accorded the same meaning, they will be used interchangeably for purposes of this article. (See Richard K. Burke, Privileges and Immunities in American Law, 31 S.D. L. REV. 1, 2 (1985) [defining privilege as a “special favor, advantage, recognition or status” and immunity as a “special exemption from all or some portion of the legal process and its judgment”]. It originated at the very beginning of English jurisprudence for the purpose of protecting the advocacy system and its participants, and it crossed the Atlantic Ocean to reach the shores of America after colonization.

Colonization. Colonization. Coloniza-freakin-zation. Any lawyer not familiar with this basic, basic concept that would seek to threaten a lawyer with harm if they filed a pleading should never, ever call themselves a lawyer. This law has been well-settled since before America existed.

Of course, Sue Basko is so batty, she is not only not familiar with the privilege, she actually seeks to bully someone from filing papers that mention her name. Talk about a histrionic unstable narcissist. Sheesh, get help, Basko. Get help. And shame on you for doing this – ultimately you have threatened my client – that is who files papers. That Basko knows not the distinction between lawyer and client is hardly surprising given the below email and this outrageous conduct.

If anyone simply googles “Sue Basko” What comes up is her “Encyclopedia Dramatica” page [ED catalogues the internet’s most bizarre citizens], the Disbar Basko campaign, another person to whom Basko sends crazy emails, an expose on how she hates mothers of autistic children, entitled “a lesson in viciousness,” the original Occupy LA post calling Basko an “unstable narcissist” (A must read!) and another series of articles about her crazy email writing entitled “Hatemail Central” (another must read). Heck, all of them are must reads. This woman, who wants to preserve her reputation ruins it with each action she takes. Unstable histrionic narcissist is unstable histrionic narcissist, I guess.

Encyclopedia Dramatica, where are you? Here is the unedited email she sent me last night (pretending that she has staff, which she does not). Be mindful, this is a real email that a real supposed-lawyer wrote. This is not meant to be a joke:

to: Jason Leiderman on behalf of Susan Basko:

On behalf of Miss Basko, I am sending you this notice of federal court filing. See also the following Cease and Desist Notice

The attached is being filed in federal court. It is a non-party declaration.


This is a legally valid Cease and Desist Notice that requires you to leave Susan Basko alone. To Jason Leiderman from Susan Basko:

Please be on notice that each time you mention my name in a court filing or court hearing, on twitter or anywhere on the internet, or mention any of my clients, friends, or family, or have any of your clients, friends, or associates do so, or do anything that bothers or affects me or any of these people, I am reporting it to the police and to the FBI. There is quite a file going already.

Also keep in mind, the domains you have purchased and/of hold in my name, or that are held by any of your clients or associates, any pages on Bullyville or McGibneys other hate/ revenge websites, any other sites, your postings on ED and Doxbin, and all your other actions taken with regard to me or any of my clients, family, or friends – have been reported to police and FBI and will continue to be reported.

YOU have been told to cease and desist and to have no contact to, at or about me or anyone in any connection or contact with me.

Cease and desist. This is not a request. It is a legal demand and I am sending this along to the police and FBI, too. You MUST leave me alone.
— Signed : / Susan Basko/

Susan Basko, Esq. [it is an insult to lawyers everywhere for her to use that term]
California and Illinois
phone: 310-770-7413

Update at 20:22 PM on 15 December 2014, because Basko can’t resist herself. I still am not going to stop practicing law, but I may sue this crazy lady for harassment.

Subject: Cease and Desist forwarded
From: “Susan Basko, Lawyer ”
Date: Mon, Dec 15, 2014 7:14 pm
To: Jay Leiderman

Cease and Desist

Dear Mr Leiderman,

Please be aware that the Cease and Desist notice we sent you yesterday was forwarded to Sgt [ ], the major crimes investigator in Ventura and to the FBI in several locations. Someone kindly emailed us with your immature response to the Cease and Desist and we are forwarding this to them all, too.

Cease and Desist.

Susan Basko, Esq.
California and Illinois
phone: 310-770-7413

Sue Basko
Wharr are you Sue Basko? We need moar lulz!

9 thoughts on “The litigation privilege and a crazy person threatening you to not file papers about them, Sue Basko [Part 2]

  1. Great, thanks for sharing this about sociopath #3, Susan Marie Basko. Really thank you! Much obliged.

  2. Sue Basko responds on Facebook – I literally had 20 people send me this, half her “friends” are there to lol at her:

    “I have been very seriously stalked for a year by this crazy evil lawyer in California, this nut case that keeps claiming I am in a big conspiracy to kill him. At this point, I cannot see why he is not yet arrested or placed in a psych hospital. This man is flat-out insane and dangerous and totally inappropriate. The company he keeps is all hackers and whack job stalkers, too. Because he is a lawyer, he is illegally using court cases as a means to stalk people, including me. This situation is really bad and each authority passes the buck. California Bar won’t take action because they say his acts are crimes, not ethics violations. Police say his crimes are out of their jurisdiction because he has harmed so many people all over the US, that the FBI should handle it. FBI has better things to do than babysit an insane stalker lawyer. I guess they are all waiting till he starts killing people.”

  3. By the way, Basko, you have been bothering me non-stop since September 2-12. That’s over 2 years, so if you want to flip this and accuse me of your acts, get your dates right. This started when I was consulting with a family that you were trying to ingratiate yourself with and you gave them advice to destroy evidence. I told them not to do that. You blocked me on Twitter and have been on a vendetta campaign ever since. You know I have the documentation to prove it.

  4. Projective identification and false victimization are 2 concepts that come to mind when describing the behavior of Ms. Basko.

    Although inquiry has been made to Ms. Basko, she has yet to explain her justification of her affiliation and support of serial cyber-stalker Joseph A. Camp, and that of Thomas Retzlaff, a rapist with court-adjudicated pedophilic tendencies.

    In fact she has posted,on Retzlaff’s defamation blog under her WordPress account ID, her thanks and gratitude to Camp, Retzlaff and Rauhausser.

    It is apparent Ms.Basko has untreated mental health issues. It’s a shame you have to waste your time dealing with her erratic and menacing behavior, time that could be better well spent helping people you so graciously do.

    Thank you for you commitment and I can personally say the world of social media would be a better place with her absence.

  5. In b4 Joseph Camp posts some crazy, drug fulled hate rant that exhibits his underlying jealousy, obsession and stalker-ish love for Jay Leiderman Law

  6. 8L5GfG I’d need to test with you here. Which isn’t one thing I usually do! I take pleasure in reading a post that can make individuals think. Additionally, thanks for permitting me to comment!

  7. You sure are doing an excellent job making yourself look like the retarded fuck you are.

    Appears the California BAR doesn’t take kindly to one of their employees calling up the subject of their investigation with commentary. They have promised to remedy the matter. In fact they say they can’t find this person. Which is odd, because how many 29 year prosecutororial vets are there at the BAR?

    How was that epic lose of the three strikes reduction on the 18th? It does appear that you are the retarded Vicoden Lolwyer we all love to destroy.

    With this amazing level of access to information I have been able to compile a list of all of Leiderman Law clients. Such a list will be contacted in time. Ez Pz.

    See, a lesson you will never learn is that making stupid Twitter accounts mean NOTHING to me except for the time when judgment day is upon us. The fact that your crew has betrayed you and all these emails and DMS and phone records are but amazing examples of James and co. and since you are directly involved in the harassment the litigation privilege” doesn’t apply.

    I look forward to the opportunity to sit down again with the feds about you.

    Oh and Jay, I very much plan to continue to help ensure that your worthless spawn never gets any positive public attention for the rest of his life. This is because I can. You can’t do shit.

    Weeks is a smart guy. As soon as I learned who you ran crying to, I spoke with hi. On my own accord, he invited me to send material about YOU. Was amicable with respect to the “two-way” street. Just like the feds. Who have already told me that this matter is going to be brought up with you, me, james, and others all under indictment… Are you ready for that? I can deal with it. But you my co-sociopath bitch will lose the last of what you have. I promise to not stop, ever, and if we end up being within 20 feet of each other somewhere, one of us is not walking away.

    By the way, got a new computer. Thank you.

    I leave you with the words of Kirclaire in one of 20 plus emails I have.

    “I thought you wanted to HELP James but instead you hurt him. This is what your money funded. I hope you are happy now. The best thing for you to do would be to try and claim fraud and get themoney returned. Honestly poeople are starting to think you were on Camp’s side all along.”

    Can’t wait until Homeland Security see these emails. I also plan to ask the court to reopen the suit with this new material.

    Remember, I never intended to win… Only to frustrate and distract. Looks like I am winning. Can’t wait to hear your crying voice, hope I don’t get accused of recording it and publishing it. That wouldn’t be good.


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