Software to Make Your Legal Practice More Efficient (Guest Post)

By: Guest
June 25 2018

Most law firms these days now use some form of law practice management software to streamline their workflows and to improve client relationships and services. Law practice management software has become essential to the legal profession. How does it help make your legal practice more efficient?


Law practice management software like Rocket Matter—available from—comes with a host of tools and features that could enable you to collect more revenue than ever before. It can help law firms increase their revenues by more than 20%, as well as lead to happier, more satisfied and loyal clients.


Let’s look at some of the things cloud case management software can help you do. This kind of software allows you to track time quickly and easily on any device. You’ll never miss a moment of billable time again. You can get your bills out in minutes instead of days with this software. It even allows you to create all your bills in one fell swoop with batch billing.


Management software can help your legal practice

Your clients are given greater flexibility when it comes to payment options. You can offer them payment plans or recurring billing, or allow them to pay instantly via credit card or eCheck. You will also receive your payments faster with next-day funding on credit card transactions, and easy tracking on pending eChecks.


Boring administrative tasks are dramatically reduced, and you can improve your workflow significantly, saving you time so you can focus on running your firm. Case management software allows you to upload all your case information quickly onto a dashboard, and to organize it effortlessly so you can stay on top of things.


It can also help you manage your calendar and ensure that you never miss a deadline. Tracking progress on cases is made simple—with just a glance you can see where you’re at and what tasks still need to be done.


The best case management softwares allow you to seamlessly integrate third party apps and software that you already use daily, so you can work with technology you’re already very familiar with. Great case management software also makes collaboration with your peers and colleagues a breeze. This is the advantage of using cloud based systems; no more time consuming email attachments or trying to transfer large files via USB.


Using case management software in your practice can help put you ahead of your competitors and win you more clients. Legal professionals who are willing to invest time to learn and embrace new technology tend to stand out and impress clients because it shows how passionate they are about their work, and how committed they are to improving their services in every way.


Case management software can even help you increase transparency in your firm, and strengthen your client relationships, since they will be able to track everything you do and know exactly what they’re paying for and how you spend your time. This creates trust between you and your clients, which in turn can result in loyalty.


If your firm isn’t using case management software yet, these are all compelling reasons why you should consider doing so today.


This is a guest post. This post has been edited for syntax and grammar.  The Law offices of Jay Leiderman is not responsible for the accuracy of the content herein or any opinions or ideas expressed herein.  This post is for entertainment and literary value and is not intended as legal advice.  This post does not establish an attorney-client relationship of any sort.  If you have legal questions about ideas presented herein please contact a lawyer knowledgeable in this field of practice.


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