Sentenced to community service for flatulence?

Jay Leiderman
By: Jay Leiderman
September 16 2016

Sentenced to community service for flatulence … but what is the crime?


A flatulent woman has received a lifetime ban from a Bradford bus company after repeatedly breaking wind in their vehicles. On one occasion a driver was physically sick.

Some bastard has squashed a Frog

Bradford Magistrates Court heard how Yolande Pogba, aged 48 from Lumb Lane, Bradford reveled in what she was doing and on most occasions would bend over to create the maximum impact.

Now infamous defendant Yolande Pogba

On 18th June 2016, Mrs Pogba (pictured) boarded a packed bus at Bradford Interchange and crouched next to an elderly gentleman. As the bus set off, she let off an excruciating sound from her bottom. Mrs Pogba, clearly impressed with her actions then shouted “Some bastard has squashed a Frog”

The bus company recorded 148 separate incidents. On the 22nd June, she boarded a bus in Holmewood and forced her way into the drivers cab, repeatedly breaking wind, cupping her hands and rubbing the atrocious smell into the drivers face until he was sick.

cupping her hands and rubbing the atrocious smell into the drivers face

Solicitor Rick Head, representing Mrs Pogba asked for the court to be sympathetic “My client is addicted to Jamaican Rum and kidney beans and unfortunately this brings out the worst in her personality and makes her bottom talk”

The court fined Mrs Pogba £375 and ordered her to pay £20 compensation to the bus driver – Mr Bob Aloo Bhuna. She was also sentenced to 120 hours community service.

Known as Yolande Pogba, aged 48, she bent over whilst breaking wind to create “maximum impact” and even managed to make the driver sick- due to the foul stench.


affects the comfort and convenience of life of Her Majesty’s subjects

It appears to be public nuisance:  At common law public nuisance is a crime for which the remedy is criminal proceedings. It is defined as an unlawful act or omission which endangers or interferes with the lives, comfort, property or common rights of the public.

From Wikipedia: “Public nuisance concerns protecting the public, unlike private nuisance, which protects an individual. As such it is not only a tort but also a crime. In Attorney-General v PYA Quarries Ltd, it was defined by Romer LJ as any act or omission “which materially affects the reasonable comfort and convenience of life of a class of Her Majesty’s subjects”

Her majesty’s subject were apparently subjected to the smell of processed rum and kidney beans on over 150 occasions.

California law may have a more specific statute.  May.  It’s a stretch, but check out the “gassing” statute, 243.9(b): For purposes of this section, “gassing” means intentionally placing or throwing, or causing to be placed or thrown, upon the person of another, any human excrement or other bodily fluids or bodily substances or any mixture containing human excrement or other bodily fluids or bodily substances that results in actual contact with the person’s skin or membranes.

Probably not.


8 thoughts on “Sentenced to community service for flatulence?

  1. This does not sound like some type of accident or one time fart. It seems like this person purposely got on the bus knowing full she had a problem, and if that was not the worst, then she purposely assaulted the bus driver with whatever it was that she had done. It is one thing when you are in the privacy of your own home, but when going out in public, have some level of respect for the people that are around you.

  2. “It is better, so the Fourth Amendment teaches us,
    that the guilty sometimes go free than
    the citizens be subject to easy arrest.”
    Justice William O. Douglas
    Source: Henry v. United States, 1959

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  5. Flatulence is one of those things that will never NOT be funny. It’s like pull my finger. Farting is classic. I lovew this lady’s diet and I’m going to go on it and then ride the bus!

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