Marijuana and the treatment of depression

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August 22 2018

Can Medicinal Marijuana Treat Depression?

While it is not entirely legal to consume marijuana and it is evident that the consumption of marijuana can lead to the development of criminal behavior in the long run because most kids who consume cannabis in their teens or early adulthood tend to interact with people who have a criminal mind. Drugs can trick us into doing things that are not otherwise acceptable by the society and that are precisely why the use of drugs is banned across the globe by the law. However, in recent years a lot of places in the world have allowed the use of medical cannabis for treatment of various ailments.

Marijuana can be used effectively to treat depression if used appropriately

The question that we need to answer is, however, whether the use of medical marijuana can lead you to reduce your anxiety levels and treat your depression? My say is, YES! It is excellent for your mental health as long as it is used in moderate amounts. Do you want to know why I think that? I’d be more than happy to guide you through this. Marijuana (cannabis) has a lot of properties which directly or indirectly heal our mind, and as the proverb goes, an excess of everything is terrible. So it is not the marijuana that is bad but the excessive use of it which can affect the health of an individual.

  1. It helps you become more expressive

Most of our depression clings on to us because we are not generally very expressive. In today’s fast world, people have got no time to listen to what other people have to say unless it is something that is going to entertain them or make them feel better, so basically if you are upset about something and you talk about it you would be considered a whiner. Ever wondered why there was no psychologist in ancient times? It’s because people wouldn’t have this seemingly incurable depression; people used to talk to other people about how they felt and that helped a great deal. So people who suffer from depression or are otherwise mentally ill tend to make this a habit to conceal or otherwise inhibit their true emotions. Smoking pot can lead you to expressing those hidden feelings, and you would feel lighter once you have shared them.


  1. It makes you more creative

Creativity is a cure for many mental ailments; they joy that accompanies creating something is absolutely matchless! But how can marijuana assist you in this matter? Well that is quite simple. Researcher’s data has shown after conducting experiments that when individuals perform after smoking cannabis, they are much more expressive and creative compared to when they are not high. People who smoke can be more verbose and they tend to form what we can call more “stylish sentences” in a conversation. So whatever artistic outlet you have, you are much more likely to use it to vent and create something beautiful if you smoke pot and that definitely helps with the depression.


  1. It is better than other drugs

I always tell people that I am not advocating the use of marijuana, but it is a fact that cannabis is much less dangerous than other drugs even if you consume it in a hefty dose. This is especially so for CBD or cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid.  However, it is suggested that you stay careful with it and do not smoke it more than your doctor prescribes you. Depression can lead people to consume drugs that are much worse than smoking pot, potentially causing a drug addiction. And if you are at the stage in your life where you are addicted to a drug or if you know someone who is addicted to drugs, then you can help them out by replacing that drug with cannabis initially, and then slowly cutting down on the dose that is being consumed by that person or yourself. This strategy works fantastically.


  1. Moderate Use of Cannabis

While cannabis is excellent to cure your depression, I must remind you here that it is only possible under carefully curated circumstances. You cannot expect to relieve your ailments by using cannabis on your own. Therefore, you are advised to consult a doctor before you start smoking pot. When used in moderate amounts, as prescribed by the doctor it can great for curing all your ailments including depression but if you use it without any supervision, you are likely to fall into the habit of smoking a lot of cannabis because of its instant relieving effects , and that might lead you to develop yet another addiction.

While I strongly suggest that it is preferable to use traditional tools for handling your depression, I recommend that you reach out for medical marijuana only when all else has failed you, and your doctor believes that smoking pot can change your mental state for good. So without any proper diagnosis, I wouldn’t suggest that you use cannabis to alleviate the symptoms of your depression.

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