Jay Leiderman Quoted: DDoS attacks and protest speech

Jay Leiderman
By: Jay Leiderman
December 07 2014

“There’s no such thing as a DDoS [distributed denial of service] ‘attack’,” Leiderman said. “A DDoS is a protest, it’s a digital sit it. It is no different than physically occupying a space. It’s not a crime, it’s speech.”

DDoS should be viewed by the courts as speech protected withing the First Amendment as long as the protests are reasonable in time, place and manner

Many of the attorneys representing other defendants in the Anonymous case are lawyers who Leiderman has known for a long time, and he said he’s been following the other Anonymous case closely.

Leiderman said while he was “personally sympathetic” to those who launched a DDoS attack on PayPal (who he said would “process donations for the KKK and not WikiLeaks”), he said his personal opinions have nothing to do with this case.

“I’m tasked with defending Mr. Doyon [Commander X] against unjust charges,” Leiderman said. “I’m not looking to prove a political point.”

Leiderman “runs the gamut” at his practice, where he focuses on civil rights, marijuana and criminal defense, he told TPM. During our phone conversation, he was headed to state court to represent the owners of a medical marijuana facility, CannaMed, based in North Ridge, CA.

Doyon, Leiderman said, has no family in the area and has been homeless for the better part of 20 years. While the feds called him a resident of Mountain View, Leiderman said he had only been living there for a short time.

Leiderman said he’s vague on some of the details of the case because he only got to talk to Doyon for about 10 minutes before and 5 minutes after his appearance in court last week. But he believes that Doyon said something about the feds “seeming to know where his camp was.” He expects to learn more about what evidence federal prosecutors plan to use against his client on Thursday.

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