Jay Leiderman Quoted: “Hack has become an all encompassing term”

Jay Leiderman
By: Jay Leiderman
December 18 2014

“Hack has become an all encompassing term”

“Hack has become a sort of all-encompassing term, when in fact some of this was social engineering, some of this was good old-fashioned regular ‘there’s a hole, I’m going to walk through it’,” said Leiderman. “If you left your front door open people wouldn’t really call it a break-in. To some extent Stratfor were unsecure to the point where it was like their front door was open and Mr Hammond allegedly, with some others, walked right in, and people are calling it a hack. “As far as I’m aware, nothing was really hacked in the classic sense,” he added.

From: Analysis: a case of government versus hacktivism


Jay Leiderman sits on a panel about hacktivism at SXSW in Austin TX. He coined the phrase “Tin Foil as the new Reality” – meaning that we’re no longer crazy to think that our government is spying on us – during his talk.