Jay Leiderman Quoted: Big Brother enters your cell phone

Jay Leiderman
By: Jay Leiderman
December 14 2014

Cell phone searches: This type of thing opens up the doors for Big Brother to come flying in
On police and cell phone searches: Jay Leiderman, Diaz’s attorney who originally filed the motion to suppress at trial, called the high court decision “weak” and a “scary one” because it relies on older U.S. Supreme Court cases that have not kept up with today’s modern technology where cell phones and smart phones can hold tens of thousands of pieces of information.

The People v. Diaz California Supreme Court decision, indeed “weak” and “scary,” was overruled by Riley v. California.

Cell phone
Jay Leiderman brought forward the case of People v. Diaz and the issue of cell phone searches. Whereas the California Supreme Court ruled against Diaz, the US Supreme Court unanimously disagreed with the California Supreme Court and unanimously agreed with Attorney Jay Leiderman


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