Guest Post Part 2: Medical Cannabis

By: Guest
July 13 2016

The Take On Medical Cannabis By Someone Not From The US, Trying To Explain How The System Works – Guest Post Part 2 (Part 1 click here)

Is the intake of cannabis – even medical cannabis – considered beneficial for human health?

You must have heard about marijuana, right? And medical marijuana?  The English word for marijuana is cannabis.  The name itself brings a series of thoughts in your mind. It is a banned item in majority of the nations worldwide. But, the USA considers it as a medical drug.  Medical cannabis benefits are discussed at the end of this article.  

There has been a raging debate regarding the addictive nature of cannabis. There are some people who don’t consider it as an addictive substance and consume it just for pastime and socializing. On the other hand, a large population is of the view of the very mental but not physical withdrawal symptoms prove it that marijuana or cannabis is very addictive and dangerous.

Don’t deal with banned drugs

Cannabis – even medical cannabis – is already considered as an illegal item and has been banned in several nations across the globe because they say it has a detrimental impact on health most when it is smoked because smoking causes harm to lungs. Cannabis is considered less harmful to lungs than cigarettes, but is still considered harmful.  In case, you are caught drug dealing with the drugs by abiding the law in countries where cannabis is not legal, you will be heavily penalized in terms of money and you might have to spend years in jail depending on your crime.

Don’t take the risk

Why should you take the risk of dealing with cannabis or any other drugs that is banned in any nation? Crimes related to the banned drugs, including cocaine, heroin and even medical cannabis are considered to be drug trafficking and very serious and often the best lawyer won’t be successful in winning bail for you in countries where the drug is banned. Some countries even have the death penalty for possessing cannabis.  Thus, it is best to avoid dealing with any such items that can place you in grave trouble.

Side effects

If you are planning to take medical cannabis as a health drug, it is always better that you must seek the advice of a prescribed doctor or a medical expert in order to prevent any kinds of problems and troubles in the future. There are several side effects of medical cannabis. Some of them include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Paranoid
  • Highly anxious




It has positive impacts – medical cannabis

But, do you know the drug can be used as a medical form as well? Studies reveal that medical cannabis is exceptionally beneficial for health. It is a great pain reliever and often used for eliminating depression and anxiety. In fact, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy can get immense relief from the drug. It can also aid in an improvement in cognitive functions. How about getting it from a medical dispensary?

When you reside in California, you can get hold of the affordable delivery service of the drugs right at your home. In the USA, marijuana is not banned from usage and is given importance in the field of medicine.

[The author asked not to be identified/credited, he/she is only interested in feedback]

[Jay Leiderman does not endorse the statements herein in any way.  Indeed, he disagrees with some of the statements in this post.  Even so, the author has asked for feedback and this is a good piece for discussion.  The need for more discussion is the sole reason this post and “Part 1” are on this blog.]


medical cannabis
Jay Leiderman is a California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization Certified Criminal Law Specialist.  He is a lifetime member of the NORML Legal Committee.



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