Guest Post 1: Medical Marijuana

By: Guest
July 12 2016

The take on Medical Marijuana by someone not from the US, trying to explain how the system works – Guest Post part 1 – part 2 click here.

The implementation of medical marijuana as an excellent alternative and natural drug

Marijuana is not considered as an addictive drug. It is banned in several nations for its supposed detrimental effect on health. But, the USA considers it as a medical drug and gives importance to the different beneficial effects. It is always better to consult a doctor before consuming the drug.

Marijuana is one such substance that has been identified by the United Nations as an illegal item and thereby banned in many countries. This is part of the “drug war.” But in the USA it is used as a medical drug prescribed under a professional consultant. There is no doubt to the fact the Cannabis or Marijuana is still unhealthy and hazardous when there is an abuse of the drug such as driving or DUI.

Medical marijuana has many valuable uses

What are the medical uses of marijuana?

  • Render relief in pain.
  • Used as a sedative.
  • It is an extremely good memory enhancer.
  • Increases appetite.
  • Its uses also include anti-emetic and antispasmodic.
  • Treatment of depression and anxiety.
  • Provides support for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.


These are some of the common uses of medical marijuana that does wonders if given the right doses under the supervision of experts and medical specialists.


Do you reside in the USA?

In case you are in California, you will come across various medical shops and stores where people can get hold of the drug without facing any legal issues, unlike other nations where consumption and dealing with any form of health hazardous drugs is considered as a law abiding act. But, if you are in the USA, you are a lucky person to shop for such drugs freely without the fear of any judicial issues.

No fear of getting legally penalized

The best part about each medical shop or dispensary is that, there is a wide and extensive range of medical drugs available. In fact, you can ask for marijuana as well and you are not supposed penalized legally and arrested and put behind the bars, although this happens because of uneven law enforcement and police that don’t care or don’t understand the medical marijuana laws. Then you will have to go to court and prove your defense.  If you had been in any other nation where medical marijuana and such drugs are not considered as legal, you will definitely have to face some serious consequences.

Consider the laws of the locality you are residing

It is already considered as an illegal item and has been banned in several countries across the globe because of its adverse effects which are sometimes fatal as well. In case, you are caught dealing with the drug in a nation that bans its usage, even a lawyer won’t be able to bring you out of the situation. If you reside in California and planning to take as a medical drug, look for the home delivery service.

[The author asked not to be identified/credited, he/she is only interested in feedback.]

[Jay Leiderman does not endorse the statements herein in any way.  Indeed, he disagrees with some of the statements in this post.  Even so, the author has asked for feedback and this is a good piece for discussion.  The need for more discussion is the sole reason this post and “Part 2” are on this blog.]




California Certified Criminal Law Specialist Attorney Jay Leiderman is a lifetime member of the NORML Legal Committee


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