Before he was an accused murderer, Mir Islam aka Josh the God snitched on more than one of my clients. Here is what he told the Judge at his sentencing in one of those cases

Jay Leiderman
By: Jay Leiderman
January 03 2019

“I’ve turned into — my name I’m going to change to is Josh James Hoey.  I’m not Mr. Mir Islam anymore, that has ended a long time ago.” Mir Islam, 11 July 2016, to a federal Judge.  This then, I must guess, is the would-be tale of what Mr. Hoey did with the freedom he gained upon the backs of his co-conspirators, bestowed upon him by the New York and DC FBI.

As it stands, there is no Josh James Hoey.  There is only Mir Islam, swatter, hacker, “Josh the God” from UG Nazi, carder, and general jack-of-all online-based crimes.  He has been charged with murder in the Philippines.  He and his buddy, Troy Woody, who I believe may have at one time gone by the nom de guerre “Mr. Osama,” (I could be misidentifying him) are alleged to have done the following:


Two American nationals were arrested after they were allegedly caught transporting a body of a woman in box using [An Uber-like Rideshare vehicle service named “Grab”]  and then dumping [a] body into the Pasig River in the Philippines.



… the suspects as Troy Woody Jr., 21, currently billeted in a condominium unit in Barangay Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City and Mir Islam, 22, (His Google) currently billeted in a condominium in Ermita, Manila.

Per the Daily Beast: Manila police told reporters that the two men booked a taxi from a rideshare app, Grab, to pick them up at Woody’s rented condo in Mandaluyong City. When the cab arrived, they loaded a large box—which police now believe contained Masters’ remains—into the trunk.

They had asked to be taken to a mall but while they were en route, Woody and Islam reportedly asked the cabbie to stop at the Pasig River. They allegedly lugged the box out of the trunk and dumped it near the water.

The driver was suspicious and alerted cops to his seemingly sketchy passengers. After searching the area, police fished a box out of the river and inside found Masters’ duct tape-bound body. She was covered with scratches, according to Philippines news website Tempo, but local authorities reported the 23-year-old’s cause of death was suffocation.

Woody, 21, and Islam, 22, were charged with murder on Dec. 24.

Woody, 21, and Islam, 22, were charged with murder on Dec. 24.  Police suspect that Masters was killed at Woody’s condo, where she was staying.

While they had identified themselves as CEOs of Luxr Limited Liability, purportedly a U.S.-based lending firm, it’s unclear what exactly they were doing in the Philippines—and whether Islam was allowed to travel there in the first place.


Before Mir Islam’s statement to the judge, a statement that should be read carefully, as it shows how a manipulative informant fools both the government and the co-defendants, I wanted to share the relevant factual portions of the Government’s sentencing positioning paper.  I worked on one of the co-defendants on this case.  This was NOT the fault of the prosecutor.  Pull the full transcript if you want to see this case argued in court.  His words were eloquent and true.  He asked for significant prison time.

Nor was the murder in the Philippines the inevitable product of a lenient judge.  The Judge in this case was fair.  I feel we got a decent sentence, compared to what was out there.  I wanted less, and I thought we deserved less.  I won’t say more other than to state that this judge did nothing wrong.  This judge was swayed by what happened in New York.  For those facts, you’ll have to read that case.

Who was at fault?

It was the feds.  His handlers.  They let him run amok without sanction time and again.  That was all run out of New York, where he got no time at all.  None.  That’s where the blame is.  This guy was a crime-spree waiting to happen.  This time it just so happened that there may have been a murder tucked in there.  These Feds treated Islam like he was a god, and he acted like it, on their watch.  This result was inevitable.  Violation after violation and no jail time.  The only prison time he spent was due to a lag between New York and DC Cases.

The federal system that rewards snitches in the way it does is a bad system, in need of change.  That’s a discussion for below in the comments section.


These are part of the papers submitted by the government:

Respecting the conspiracy alleged in Count One, Islam acknowledges that he and his co-conspirators agreed to commit, and did commit, two fundamental types of abuses that resulted in the commission of at least seven different types federal criminal offenses.

The first of these abuses, in the jargon of Islam and his co-conspirators, is known as “doxing.” “Doxing” is the act of gathering, by licit and illicit means, and posting on the Internet personal identifying information (“PII”) and other sensitive information about an individual, including, for example, addresses, dates of birth, social security numbers, telephone numbers, email addresses, credit information, employers, and details regarding the individual’s children and other family members. Islam and his coconspirators posted the PII of at least fifty (50) celebrities and state and federal officials on different websites that all shared the domain name “Exposed.”

Islam, and his co-conspirators, stole much of the PII of those doxed, including credit reports, and posted that personal information on public “Exposed” websites for all the world to view. The natural, inevitable, and intended consequence of this publication of names, social security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, credit reports, and the like, was the use of that information by countless others to illicitly obtain credit cards and other finance-related accounts using the identities of the doxing victims, thereby causing many of the victims to suffer continuing credit issues.

The publication of the victims’ PII also revealed to any other would-be harassers or assailants how and where to contact the victims. The second abuse, in the jargon of Islam and his coconspirators, is known as “swatting.” “Swatting” is the act of placing emergency 9-1-1 type calls to police departments, usually through Internet-based telecommunication relay services, to make false claims of homicides or other assaultive or criminal conduct by, or against, other targeted individuals at the locations of those individuals. These false 9-1-1 communications are intended to result in, and usually do result in, a tactical police response, including SWAT teams, to the targeted, unsuspecting individuals’ residences. Swatting is, in fact, a crime of violence. It is an assault with a deadly weapon in which the police are used as proxies to commit the assault.

By definition, the crime entails an armed police response. When the responding officers are threatened in the fake 9-1-1 communication with physical harm or death if they respond, the officers invariably arrive at the premises in force, with guns drawn and trained on the premises and its occupants. The prospect for injuries or fatalities in the police response is manifest.

Islam acknowledges that, on March 22,2013, he falsely reported a false shooter-on-campus and bomb threat on the campus of the University of Arizona, in Tucson , Arizona, through a 9-1-1 call communicated via an Internet-based telecommunication relay service, similar to the swats.

The offenses alleged in Counts Two and Three of the Information are wholly unrelated to the conspiracy alleged in Count One. Respecting the false explosives report alleged in Count Two, Islam acknowledges that, on March 22,2013, he falsely reported a false shooter-on-campus and bomb threat on the campus of the University of Arizona, in Tucson , Arizona, through a 9-1-1 call communicated via an Internet-based telecommunication relay service, similar to the swats.

Respecting the cyber-stalking alleged in Count Three, Islam acknowledges that from March 22, 2013, through July 2013 he engaged in a sustained online campaign of harassment against a student at the University of Arizona in Tucson, of which the false shooting/bomb threat alleged in Count two was a part. Islam’s harassment of the student included the bomb threat; incessant texting to the student and some of her friends; impersonating federal and state law enforcement to obtain information about her; hacking or otherwise obtaining unauthorized access to email and social media accounts of the student, downloading information from those accounts, and changing the passwords so the student could not access her accounts; and creating false social media accounts of his own with false information and pictures to try to friend the student under false pretenses. The harassment inflicted such serious emotional distress upon the student that she sought counseling, considered withdrawing from the university and moving away, and feared for her personal safety.

The offenses in this case were egregious. The sentence imposed upon Islam should reflect that. The parties agree with the Probation office’s determination that Islam’s total adjusted offense level is 22 and his criminal history category is I. Accordingly, Islam’s corresponding sentencing range is 4l-51 months. Considering the severity of the offenses committed by Islam; unique circumstances of his sentencing that significantly and fortuitously inure to Islam’s benefit, discussed in greater detail below; and cooperation matters addressed in the accompanying sealed addendum, the government respectfully submits that this Court should sentence defendant Islam to a term of imprisonment of 46 months.


Factual Background

A detailed description of Mir Islam’s crimes is set forth in the Statement of Offense filed in this case and will not be repeated here in full; rather, particular aspects of that criminal conduct will be highlighted or elaborated upon here.


  1. Count One: Conspiracy


The “exposed” conspiracy included at least five coconspirators, including Mir Islam who resided in New York City. Two of the coconspirators resided in Southem California, one resided in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and one resided in the country of Finland. Mir Islam was the only member of the conspiracy who had attained the age of majority; all the other coconspirators were juveniles during the conspiratorial period. Mir lslam and his coconspirators selected their victims, that is, those whom they intended to “dox” and/or “swat,” on the basis of ideological, political, or personal animus against those individuals, or because they thought doxing or swatting a certain individual would draw public and media attention, not to themselves personally, but to their conduct including to their “exposed” websites where the PII of the doxed individuals was posted.


  1. The Exposed Websites


On or before March 11,2013, a website with the URL “” became accessible to the public on the Internet. was the first website used by Mir Islam and his coconspirators to commit the abuse of doxing. The home page of the website consisted principally of the names of numerous high-level present and former government officials as well as various celebrities. Approximately 37 individuals were ultimately named on Exposed,su.  Next to the names of some of the goverrunent officials, in parentheses, were the respective -5 Case 1:15-cr-00067-RDM   Document 25   Filed 07/05/16   Page 5 of 25 govemment positions of those individuals.

Each of the names listed on the website was a link to other content pages on the website that were accessible to anyone visiting the site. The content pages on the website contained PII for each of the individuals listed on the site. The PII usually included, variously, social security numbers; dates of birth; phone numbers; present and previous physical addresses; and photographs. For most of those individuals listed on the website, the PII also included financial credit reports. So, for example, if persons visiting the website clicked on one of the names/links, they would have been transferred to a webpage normally containing the social security number, date of birth, phone number, address, photograph, and previous addresses for that named individual. They would also usually have been instructed to view [individual’s] Credit Report.” Clicking on that link would have transferred the viewer to a different content page on the site that contained a financial credit report for that individual. The website was hosted on one or more servers located in The Netherlands. Public access to the website was through a “proxy” server, however, which masked the actual location of the webserver. On or near March 19,2013, the went offiine.

On or about April 2, 2013, another “exposed” website was launched by the conspirators, including Mir Islam, with the URL “” The site was eventually, in practical terms, identical to the site, with at least three exceptions. The first was that the site contained at least 50 names and associated PII. Second, immediately adjacent to some of the names on the site, inside brackets, was the term “Swatted.” These individuals, along with others named on the website without the “Swatted” reference, and still others not named on the website, were in fact “swatted” by members of the conspiracy. Finally, the conspirators attempted to -6 Case 1:15-cr-00067-RDM   Document 25   Filed 07/05/16   Page 6 of 25 monetize the website by creating a “Linkbucks” account. Linkbucks is a social advertising and marketing network that allows subscribers to eam money, in various ways, from visitors to a website. The attempt to monetize the website created another incentive for Islam and his coconspirators to commit swats because swats drove traffic to the website, particularly when the conspirators notifiedTMZ that a swat was going to be committed by those who had created the exposed websites. Like the site, was proxied to hide the location of its webserver which was Malaysia. On April 22,2013, Malaysian authorities took the website offline at the request of U.S. law enforcement.

A former United States Congressman from Michigan, identified herein as “M.R.,” swatted because of federal legislation he sponsored, described how police responding to the call commandeered the home of an adjacent neighbor and set up a sniper position inside the neighbor’s home.

On or about July 22, 2013, a third “exposed” website was launched by some of the conspirators, including Mir Islam, this time with the URL “” The site was similar in design and content to the site, and was again proxied to hide the locations of its webservers which were Latvia, the United Kingdom, and/or Ukraine. The site was taken offline sometime before August 12,2013.


  1. Acquisition of PII Posted on Exposed Websites


The PII posted on the exposed websites by the conspirators was obtained predominantly in the following manner. In about February and March 2013, members of the conspiracy collected personal information about their targets from open source websites. To obtain the social security numbers, dates of birth, and addresses of their targets, the conspirators usually resorted to the websites and (collectively “SSNDOB”). SSNDOB was a website that collected from computer intrusions and other means PII, including social security numbers, dates of birth, last known addresses, and associated identities, belonging to individuals located around the world, including within the United States. SSNDOB sold this PII online. The conspirators, -7 Case 1:15-cr-00067-RDM   Document 25   Filed 07/05/16   Page 7 of 25 including Mir Islam, in some cases used the online money transfer service known as WebMoney Transfer to pay for the SSNDOB PII, but in most instances they were able to obtain the SSNDOB PII without paying a fee due to Mir Islam’s and another conspirator’s association with SSNDOB’s owner/operator.

Once the conspirators obtained the social security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, and any other personal information they could learn about their intended victims, the conspirators used that PII and the Intemet to steal the victims’ consumer credit reports from the servers of credit reporting agencies. In most instances, members of the conspiracy obtained credit reports through credit report websites like, which charged no fees. To obtain a victim’s credit report from, a conspirator created a fake user account on the website, entering into the site the name, social security number, date of birth, and address of the intended victim. The conspirator was then permitted to select from various credit reporting agencies to obtain the desired credit report. Once the conspirator selected a particular credit reporting agency, such as Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion, the conspirator was transferred to that credit reporting agency’s server whereupon the conspirator was prompted to reenter the name, social security number, date of birth, and address of the individual whose credit report was sought and whom the conspirator was fraudulently representing to be. The conspirator then had to answer a series of multiple choice security questions. If the conspirator answered the questions correctly, either as a result of information the conspirator leamed about the target or by guesswork, the conspirator was granted access to and downloaded the victim’s credit report from the respective credit reporting agency’s server. If the conspirator failed to answer the questions correctly, he was eventually prevented from further attempts through the chosen credit reporting -8 Case 1:15-cr-00067-RDM   Document 25   Filed 07/05/16   Page 8 of 25 agency and the conspirator simply went back to the website and selected another credit reporting agency to try the process again. On some occasions when the conspirators were unable to obtain a free credit report of an intended doxing victim, they, and Mir Islam in particular, were able to obtain the report from a website that charges a fee for the reports, where the security questions are often easier to answer. As with other fees incurred in furtherance of the conspiracy, to pay the fee for these credit reports, the conspirators used stolen credit card account information. In this manner, the conspirators, including Mir Islam, were able fraudulently to obtain from various credit reporting agencies, including Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian, the consumer credit reports of most of the individuals doxed on the exposed websites, and to post those credit reports on the exposed sites.


III. The Swattings


Mir Islam and his coconspirators swatted in excess of 20 individuals. As stated above, Islam and his coconspirators selected persons to be swatted on the basis of various criteria, including ideological, political, or personal animus; amusement and whim; a desire for media attention; and revenge. Nearly every intended victim of the swats whom investigating FBI Agents were able to interview described to the agents some kind of trauma and/or dramatic police response resulting from the swat call. A former United States Congressman from Michigan, identified herein as “M.R.,” swatted because of federal legislation he sponsored, described how police responding to the call commandeered the home of an adjacent neighbor and set up a sniper position inside the neighbor’s home. Brian Krebs, a blogger swatted in part because of an article he wrote, described in a later article how he was ordered to put his hands in the air and then handcuffed and observed about a half-dozen squad cars, lights flashing and officers pointing … 9 Case 1:15-cr-00067-RDM   Document 25   Filed 07/05/16   Page 9 of 25 firearms in his direction, including a shotgun and a semi-automatic rifle. A former State Representative and now United States Congressman, identified herein as “T.L.,” swatted because of anti-swatting state legislation he sought to pass, described how he received a call from police asking him whether he, T.L., had shot his own wife, causing him worry that she had in fact been shot, and then later learned that his wife had been home during the police response, was ordered out of the house with her arms raised, and was shaken up.

I am just letting you know now if I see any police outside of my house I will start shooting.

The Police responses to the swats were dramatic and potentially catastrophic partially because at least seven (7) of the swats committed by Islam and his coconspirators included language in the 9-1-l communication that the person to be swatted had killed someone and would kill responding officers. So, for example, on March 31, 2013, members of the conspiracy committed a swat against an Assistant United States Attorney in retaliation for a particular prosecution he participated in. The swat language included the following:

Hello my wife is dead. I shot her and now she’s dead. I don’t know what to do. I’m having thoughts of hurting people and I don’t know what to do. If anyone comes in my house I might shoot them.

I am just letting you know now if I see any police outside of my house I will start shooting.

I will not be taken alive. Mark my words. I am not going to prison for the rest of my life. I will not. Don’t worry about where I am at in the house. If any cops are outside in my yard or on the street I will start shooting.

By the way I have my police scanner right next to me and I can hear everything and you guys think I’m joking. I will shoot anyone who comes near my property.

I see cars outside my house I swear I will shoot. I am not playing. I am not fucking around. I will shoot them.

You know I work with the police a lot but I am not afraid to shoot them.

-10 Case 1:15-cr-00067-RDM   Document 25   Filed 07/05/16   Page 10 of 25

On April 4, 2013, members of the conspiracy committed a swat against an individual identified herein by the initials “‘W.L.” at W.L.’s residence in Virginia. In communicating the false 9-l-l report, the conspirator stated that he had shot his wife and that if the police responded he would not be taken alive and that he would shoot the police. On April 27,2013, members of the conspiracy swatted an individual identified herein by the initials “‘W.B.” at W.B.’s residence in Maryland, and the conspirator making the false 9-l-l communication stated that he had shot his wife, that he had a gun, that he would execute anyone who responded, and that he would not be taken alive. There were other similar swat calls.


  1. Mir Islam’s Participation in the Conspiracy


Mir Islam participated in nearly all facets of the conspiracy, including the fraudulent procurement of credit reports for posting on the exposed websites, the creation of the exposed websites, and the swatting. Islam participated with other conspirators in conceptualizing the exposed websites, choosing doxing and swatting victims, and more generally, executing the broad contours of the conspiracy. He assisted, to a small degree, in the creation of the appearance of the exposed websites. Islam’s contribution to the creation of the exposed websites was relatively small because he was less adept at coding than some of his coconspirators. Islam chose specific individuals to be doxed and swatted, and discussed with his coconspirators swats they intended to commit, including the swat of the Assistant United States Attorney. He purchased the PII of several victims from the website SSNDOB, and he pulled credit reports from pay-for-report sites for a number of victims. Islam participated in the swat of Brian Krebs. He swatted at least two celebrities, using language in the 9-1-l communication that threatened responding officers. On April 23, 2015, he communicated a false bomb threat at the White House, claiming there were -11 Case 1:15-cr-00067-RDM   Document 25   Filed 07/05/16   Page 11 of 25 eight (8) bombs planted around the perimeter of the White House. Islam also contacted the celebrity media entity TMZto alert the entity to the conspirators’ doxing and swatting activities to promote media reporting about the activities. TMZ did in fact report on some of the doxing and swatting activity committed by the conspirators.


Mir Islam

  1. Count Two: Conveying False Information Conceming Use of Explosive


On March 22,2013, Mir Islam falsely reported a shooting and explosives incident on the campus of the University of Arizona in Tucson. Islam’s communication, sent again over an Internet relay system, stated, “[my] friend has a gun and a rifle and is shooting people on campus.” Islam terminated his relay connection, then reestablished it to continue his false report. Islam stated to the relay operator, “OMG OMG where are the Police . . . he is shooting up the area . . . he is going to blow up the buildings . . . he has explosives.”

In response to Mir Islam’s false report of a shooter and explosives on the university campus, the local police, university police, and the FBI responded to the campus to investigate. The response by the local Police Department included numerous officers, SWAT Teams, and the Police Department Bomb Squad. The university’s administration building was evacuated and searched, and the campus was placed in lockdown, with flash text messaging sent to the student population advising of a potential active shooter situation. Later that same evening Islam made another false emergency call, this time claiming that a man located on the same university campus was holding a rifle to the head of a woman and was going to kill her if he did not receive $50,000 in ransom. Islam further stated that the male had placed explosives in eight campus buildings and was going to blow them up and start shooting. In light of the previous false report, authorities investigating that report assumed this second threat -12 Case 1:15-cr-00067-RDM   Document 25   Filed 07/05/16   Page 12 of 25 was part of the same course of conduct and also false.

Mir Islam made the false shooting and explosives report because Islam was obsessed with a woman, identified herein by the initials “XXXXX,” who was then a student at the university and whom Islam believed had spumed his continued attempts to contact her. XXXXX was a cheerleader at the university. Another cheerleader at the University with whom XXXXX conducted cheerleading was an individual with the initials [I’m redacting all of this potentially identifying information] Facebook page to which Islam had access. In Islam’s false report, “TJ Mitch” was the name provided by Islam of the shooter and the individual intending to set off explosives.


  1. Count Three: Cyberstalking


Beginning in about March 2013 and continuing through at least July 2013, Mir Islam engaged in a campaign of harassment against X., the student at the University of Arizona. Though Islam had never met XXXXX, he developed a romantic obsession with her through the Internet. Islam harassed X. to attempt to coax and coerce X to communicate with him; to obtain information about X in retaliation for XXXXX’s refusal to communicate with him; and to intimidate and cause substantial emotional distress to XXXXX

Mir Islam learned about XXXXX and acquired information about her from Internet searches. He knew that XXXXX was a student and cheerleader at the university. Islam communicated the false shooting and bomb threat at the university on March 22,2073, because he expected XXXXX would be affected, disturbed, and upset by the threats. Indeed, Islam identified the campus shooter and bomber in his call as a person who was a friend of XXXXX’s and in the call feigned being a female, suggesting that XXXXX was the caller reporting her friend’s terrorism on campus.  Shortly before making the false shooting/bomb threats, Islam called a university facility dedicated  – l3  Case 1:15-cr-00067-RDM   Document 25   Filed 07/05/16   Page 13 of 25  to honoring the university’s athletes and athletics programs, and spoke to a receptionist. Islam identified himself as a Police Officer named “Thomas Ryan,” and requested a cell phone number for XXXXX, whom he identified as a cheerleader at the university. The receptionist refused to provide Islam the number.

Mir Islam did eventually obtain the cell phone number for XXXXX, as well as for three other students and cheerleaders at the university, one of whom, identified herein by the initials “YYY.,” was a friend of XXXXX Over the course of several months, beginning in about April 2013,lslam repeatedly called or sent text messages to XXXXX, M.A,G., and the other two students, some of which were threatening. Islam also sent harassing emails to XXXXX at XXXXX’s Cox communications email account.

He knew that XXXXX was a student and cheerleader at the university. Islam communicated the false shooting and bomb threat at the university because he expected XXXXX would be affected, disturbed, and upset by the threats.

Towards the end of April, Mir Islam began frequently calling and sending text messages to the cellphone of YYY Some nights, Islam sent as many as 30 text messages to YYY. In one such call, on about May I ,2013,lslam stated to YYY that he was an FBI Agent dealing with a case about a friend of hers whom Islam identified by a nickname as XXXXX Islam stated he needed some information for the investigation. When YYY hung up, she received numerous text messages from Islam containing her social security number. In still other text messages to YYY, Islam identified himself as “Batman” or “TJ,” and stated that he had personal information about YYY that Islam would release unless YYY provided Islam information about XXXXX Islam sent similar text messages to two other student cheerleaders, seeking information about XXXXX.

Sometime on or before July 17,2013, through social engineering techniques, Mir Islam acquired unauthorized access to XXXXXX’s Cox Communications email account. Upon gaining -14 Case 1:15-cr-00067-RDM   Document 25   Filed 07/05/16   Page 14 of 25 unauthorized access to the account, Islam changed the password to XXXXX’s account, thereby denying her access to her account. On or about July l7,2ll3,lslam socially engineered into, and obtained unauthorized access to, XXXXX’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, changing the passwords to those accounts too. Islam downloaded personal photographs of XXXXX from her Facebook and Instagram accounts and stored them on a cloud server. Within the same time frame, Islam created a Facebook page of his own in which he assumed the false identity of “Adrian Cosgrove,” including photographs of someone other than Islam, and pretended to be a student attending XXXXX’s university. Islam used this Facebook account and identity to send a “friend” request to XXXXX’s Facebook account. Islam also created fake Twitter accounts in the nickname of XXXXX Mir Islam’s continued harassment of XXXXX profoundly affected XXXXX It caused XXXXX a great deal of emotional distress, anxiety, and fear for her safety, and caused XXXXX to alter her behavior and seek counseling. XXXXX feared the source of her harassment may have been physically stalking her, and she feared she was subject to attack and physical injury, including in her own place of residence. She sought escort from campus security after studying late for fear of personal attack. XXXXX considered withdrawing from the university, abandoning cheerleading, and moving away from the area in which her university was located. The incidents affected XXXXX’s ability to concentrate in school, disrupted her sleep, and made her paranoid that she was being watched by someone at any given time or location. Members of XXXXXXX family at times had to stay with her to comfort her.

She sought escort from campus security after studying late for fear of personal attack. XXXXX considered withdrawing from the university, abandoning cheerleading, and moving away from the area in which her university was located. The incidents affected XXXXX’s ability to concentrate in school, disrupted her sleep, and made her paranoid that she was being watched by someone at any given time or location. Members of XXXXXXX family at times had to stay with her to comfort her.






THE DEFENDANT:  Your Honor, when I was about 13, 14 years old — well, younger than that I started using the computer.  My life became the computer.  I had no other life other than that.  I was 18 hours like Mr. Peed said on the computer.  I did everything on the computer.  All I did was eat and use the computer all day.  I was 262 pounds.  I’ve lost 70 pounds while being in prison.

While I was outside — when the Government first arrested me after I turned 18, they let me go the same day on bail.  So I didn’t learn anything.  There was — I still had the same mindset that I was invincible, that this is nothing.  So I went back to the same thing I was doing, there was no change. Then — but one thing that I — that they said that I told them, my co-defendants, the name of the FBI agent that was my handler.  That is incorrect, I did not.  I told a name of an FBI agent that I found on Google.

Also, when I was on the internet, Ms. XXXXX, from what I — there was a person named — I was communicating with her for about two years, and then when I got arrested she came out and said her real name is XXXXXX.  So from that point, my obsession and my bipolar took over.

I was obsessed too because she wouldn’t talk to me.

So the whole — everything that I did involving the Arizona swat, involving contacting her friend was just to actually talk to her.  There was no malice.  I didn’t want to harm her, I never wanted to harm her. And she — someone else recently has been harassing her, and this has happened after the article that was posted by Mr. Brian Krebs.

Mr. Weiss spoke to Brian Krebs because he’s a victim, and after they spoke Brian Krebs wrote an article about whatever Mr. Weiss told him.  And after that incident, one of my co-defendant’s father has been swatted. Somebody else is harassing XXXXXX.  This is more or less trying to get back at me.

While in prison, I’ve got my GED.  I’ve studied psychology.  I’ve studied law.  I’ve taught many students GED to get them to pass.  They had — I’ve been on psychiatric treatment for the last three years.  Before that, I never was and I should have been, and that was a big mistake.  So when it came to prison, first six months I was still the same person.  I was still the obsessive person.  Then I started seeing the psychologist.  I was forced to see the psychologist.  So the psychologist then spoke to me for hours at a time, and then sent me to the psychiatrist.  He prescribed different types of medications.  He wasn’t sure what medications was working for me.  I have unspecified personality disorder, bipolar disorder, chronic depression, OCD and ADHD.  And without these medications, I become the person that I was before, I become Mir.  I see myself as completely changed, so one of the things I am doing is that I am changing my name.  Because I do not see myself as that person that was outside.

While in prison, I’ve learned so many things.  I’ve more or less became an adult.  I was a child then.  Everything I saw and did — on the internet, it’s — when we’re on the internet, our life has no boundaries, there is no law, there is no right and wrong.  We weren’t seeing anything like this.

When we did the swats, it was pranks. There’s people — for example, a few things I did was there was many hackers who were committing certain crimes. I doxed them, and I would actually post their information. But naturally the FBI does not prosecute them.  I had one person who did over 500 swats, he has not been prosecuted yet.  And I’m the one who found out who he was, and I proved that he was the one committing these swats.  Nothing has been done.

All I did was eat and use the computer all day.  I was 262 pounds.

While we were doing UGNazi, it was just the name like Mr. Peed said.  It was just to get — everyone hates Nazis. So I thought we’re going to get more media because they hate Nazis so we might as well try it.  So we made that the name. The team members were 14, 15 and I was 16 at that time.  We did not know what we were doing, we just — we just went along with everything that came.  I didn’t expect to go as far as I did. In the end, I thought I was invincible because of my disorders.  The unspecified personality disorder turns into that I become invincible.

Right now on the medications I’m on, it helps me.  But the BOP and the other prisons are not able to provide me with certain stimulants which is supposed to stop the — some of the issues I have.  But they’re not able to provide it here. Also the psychologist and the psychiatrist in many prisons are — I haven’t been even able to see the — any psychiatrist while I’ve been in the Northern Neck for the last three months.  I’ve been complaining and nothing has happened.  I try everything possible to keep myself who I am. I’ve learned that the mistakes I’ve made before, I have to pay for them, I understand that.

UG Nazi
UG Nazi’s logo “Kawaii Hitler”

And while in prison in BOP in New York, MCC, when I first came in I told the officers I have seizures, I have problems with my brain.  I told them I can’t be on the top bunk.  They put me on the top bunk.  I fell and now I have a herniated disc which I have nerve pain all over my legs and my arms which I’m in constant pain 24/7.  And I have to take a lot of pain medication for it which I really don’t want to, because it’s sedative and I don’t like anything — I’m an anti drug person, I don’t like drugs.

Then the second thing that happened was they — someone had assaulted me, and they put me in the hole as well as him.  Me as the victim, I had to do 37 days in the hole for absolutely no reason, and I was the victim.

Then again I was a victim again with an officer.  I was in the hole for 120 days.

Then they were screwing with my medications. They were keeping me in small shower rooms and blocking the air where basically I passed out one time where the nurse had to come.

Officers were targeting me in MCC New York.  Then I went to Brooklyn right after I came to Washington, DC and I went back.

Another person assaulted me.  Again, they put me in the hole.  I was there for 43 days.

I’ve been through a lot of harsh issues while I’ve been in prison.  They give me vitamins with mold in it.  Due to the mold, I have -cartilage in my bones have become a big issue.  My skin, I had — the mold was eating my skin.  I have all the black dots all over my face and my hand, my body because of the mold which they gave from commissary, the vitamins.  I’ve continuously been applying medicine, but it’s been two years and it still hasn’t even healed a little bit.

Honestly, your Honor, the pain that I go through every day reminds me of the wrongs I did.

Also one of the things I would like to do when I go home is like I said in my letter, that I would like to create a project where students and teachers and parents go and provide peer-to-peer tutoring which would help a lot of students in the U.S. since the school systems don’t want to pay for after school. And this way, people that actually want the help will be able to get free help with their homeworks, with their tests, whatever that they require. I see that as my — a way to repay the community.  It’s going to cost me a lot of money to produce the website and run it, but that’s — and it’s going to take a lot of my time.

Mir Islam
Mir Islam, showing off his court papers like they were bling

But I see that as that if I have to do something, I can do this.  I am disabled now because of the herniated disc and my mental issues.  I’m not able to work because of the BOP, because of what they did to me.  I’m unable to work at all.  I’m unable — sometimes my leg goes numb where I can’t even move it.  Sometimes my arm goes numb where I can’t even move it.  The nerve damage is extremely bad.

While I was in BOP, I met many people.  I’ve met really nice people, I’ve met really bad people, I’ve met career criminals.  That’s why I studied personalities.  I saw who continuously commits crime.  Someone who wants excitement over every single thing continuously commits crime.

Your Honor, I don’t.

I want to — I can’t even live with my parents anymore because of my cooperation.  I can’t risk them — something happening to them.  I have to live somewhere else now.  I accepted that fact, because I know that there will be a lot of people who will be trying to harm me because both of my cooperation in New York and in Washington, D.C. My two co-defendants actually are very popular and they have many, many online friends who are hackers.  They commit swats, they do many other things.

I accepted all that fact when I agreed to cooperate. And what [the AUSA]  said about the time that I was in New York, when they took my bail and put me in prison, it was because of this case.  Not because of anything else, that I violated the probation for this case.

And the agents that interviewed me was the Washington, D.C. agents.  It was not the New York agents.  Everything was Washington, D.C. So by them claiming that that time is not there, they’re false.  They are the ones who took the case, brought it in and they waited 15 months, your Honor, to even start the case.

They told my lawyer that without me pleading guilty or the cooperation, they will not be able to go arrest my other two co-defendants.

So they’re saying my cooperation was not much, but without my cooperation they cannot — they could not have made the two arrests because they don’t have any evidence, really.  The evidence they have is the website pictures, that’s it.  There is no other evidence, your Honor.  My testimony and the website pictures.  Website pictures don’t link none of my co-defendants to anything. And I am willing to testify at any moment that the Government asks.

I’m pro government now.

I’m pro government now.

Like I said, your Honor, I would have been dead if the Government didn’t put me in jail.  I was 262 pounds.  All I did was I ate and I sat on the computer, your Honor.  I would have died — I’d have been 300 something and I would have died in my room and my life was gone.  I wasn’t doing nothing with my life.  But now I have — I can actually do something. I’ve learned many subjects.  I’m still studying, trying to become a better man.  I’ve more or less completely changed.  I’ve turned into — my name I’m going to change to is Josh James Hoey.  I’m not Mr. Mir Islam anymore, that has ended a long time ago.

Once I’ve continuously — they found the perfect medication mix for me, my control is much better.  I am able to — what’s the word.  I am able to be more stable, your Honor.  But while in prison, your Honor, a lot of these prisons, none of them will give me the certain

So your Honor, if — so if your Honor does give me time served today, my life really begins the moment I walk out of the courthouse.  Before that I had no life, your Honor, it was on the internet.  I did everything I did because I didn’t think it was wrong or right, it was illegal or it wasn’t, it was just because that was my life.  I didn’t have anything else.  If I had something else I would have done it, but that became my life.

No one helped me.  No one pushed me to go see doctors.  My biological mother tried once.  I went to the psychiatrist, but the psychiatrist she took me to, she completely misdiagnosed me.  She caused me more problems after she started giving me certain medications.  From there I stopped taking the medications and I was back to — I was worse.  None of that helped.  But finally one of the psychiatrists in MCC found the combination perfect for my mental health. And your Honor, one thing I would request is that if the Probation can please help me with the pain management as well as the health services, because I’m in constant pain from the nerve damage.  I’ve been in prison for three years, I don’t have insurance.  I don’t have any possible way to pay for anything.  I don’t even have money to pay — I have no money to pay restitution.  I have no money to pay the $100 mandatory fee.  I have absolutely nothing. Okay, your Honor, that’s all I have to say.

my name I’m going to change to is Josh James Hoey


Calling the case of the Phillippines v. Josh James Hoey, I guess

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