Ain’t nobody got time got time for that! Sweet Brown sued iTunes and lost

Jay Leiderman
By: Jay Leiderman
September 30 2016

Sweet Brown’s lawsuit: Apple iTunes didn’t have time for that

About  (from know your meme

Sweet Brown is a pseudonym used by Kimberly Wilkins, an Oklahoma City resident who was interviewed by local news station KFOR News Channel 4 after evacuating from her apartment building that was set on fire. Sweet Brown’s emphatic testimony of the chaotic scene quickly led to massive exposure on YouTube.

The definitive version of the “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That” remix is found here.

Sweet Brown
Sweet Brown recognized her apartment was on fire when she got up in the middle of the night when she got herself a cold pop


On the morning of April 7th, 2012, a three-alarm fire broke out at Sweet Brown’s Oklahoma City apartment complex in Oklahoma, leaving one person hospitalized for smoke inhalation and five units damaged.  The local station KFOR News Channel 4 was among the first to arrive on the scene and interview one of the displaced residents Sweet Brown. During the interview, she stated that she had woken up to get a “cold pop” when she thought someone was grilling before she realized there was a fire. Brown then proceeded to run out of the apartment without shoes. In describing the heavy presence of smoke from the fire, she uttered “ain’t nobody got time for that!” which became one of the more memorable lines.

Sweet Brown / Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That


The video was reposted on multiple sites and exploded in popularity overnight. 

Follow-up Interview

On April 12th, NBC conducted a follow-up interview with both Sweet Brown and her son, who were apparently shocked by the amount of YouTube views her original news report had received. This interview appeared on MSNBC the same day.

On April 13th, lucusmarr, who uploaded the original new clip 4 days prior, found Sweet Brown via her son. He brought her 4 cases Royal Crown Cola, which Sweet Brown responded “I really got time for this!”

Sweet Brown

Copyright Lawsuit

On March 9th, 2013, Oklahoman daily newspaper NewsOK reported that Kimberly Wilkins has filed a federal copyright infringement lawsuit and a compensation of $15 million against Apple Inc., Seattle-based radio program The Bob Rivers Show and a number of other parties for unauthorized use of her likeness for commercial purposes. According to the article, Wilkins filed her first complaint against “I Got Bronchitis,” a remix based on audio samples from her KFOR news interview clip (shown below), which became available for purchase via Apple’s iTunes store in April 2012. While the song has been since taken down from iTunes, the suit has since moved to the United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma and remains pending.

A lawsuit filed by local Internet celebrity Kimberly “Sweet Brown” Wilkins over a song briefly sold on Apple Inc.’s online music store has been dismissed due to “failure to prosecute,” court records show.

Wilkins, who gained Internet fame with the catchphrase “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” was suing Apple and a Seattle-area radio show in federal court over a song that was sold for a little more than two months on the iTunes online music store.

In the suit, Wilkins claimed she was defrauded when her voice and likeness were used to sell the song on iTunes without her permission. 

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