A criminal defendant’s right to jury instructions before closing argument

Jay Leiderman
By: Jay Leiderman
July 10 2016


The Penal Code requires that jury instructions be settled prior to argument (Penal Code § 1093.5), and explicitly gives the court the discretion to settle instructions at any point in the trail (Penal Code § 1094).

The defense requests that the jury instructions be settled and the jury instructed with all but the concluding instructions prior to argument such that the defense may argue the facts and evidence as they relate to the law in closing argument in this jury trial.



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Certified criminal law specialist Jay Leiderman is always studying the law for new and creative ways to giver his clients the best possible defense they could have.

This post does not create an attorney-client relationship and does not constitute legal advice.  Moreover, the law changes over time.  Always consult an attorney before determining what motion s to file and what the current law is as to any particular topic.

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  2. I never knew that you should consult an attorney before determining what motions to file. I’ll have to hurry and find a lawyer or an attorney soon. I really don’t want to see my loved ones hurt.

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  12. Are you available for hire to do jury trials? I have one coming up but I do not like my lawyer. I like this and other court articles on your blog.

    1. Yes. You can call my office anytime. I may not be able to take a new case right now, as my caseload is pretty full, but we can talk and see what your time frame looks like.

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