7 Things That CBD Gummies Can Do For You

By: Guest
September 27 2018

There are many people that enjoy the healing benefits of CBD- whether in the form of CBD oil micro dosages, CBD topical or just regular bud- and there is a growing trend in people enjoying CBD edibles, more specifically CBD gummies.


The most common CBD gummies are usually made using CBD isolates. Researchers are still discovering how effective these cannabinoid isolates are as opposed to full-spectrum products that contain the full range of inherent cannabinoids.


CBD Gummies


What Does CBD Do?

While you may have heard of CBD, you may not yet know what that actually means. CBD is cannabidiol- a cannabinoid found abundantly in the cannabis plant. You may well also have heard of another common cannabinoid: THC. THC is the primary psychoactive cannabinoid that is found in marijuana products. One key difference between these two is that CBD has no psychoactive properties. In other words, CBD does not get you high.  THC and CBD work together as a formidable team, and there is argument that isolating CBD reduces the cannabinoid’s effectiveness. However, this allowed CBD products to infiltrate the retail markets much more readily than THC and whole-spectrum products.


According to users, CBD assists people that are suffering from a variety of illnesses and ailments. These reports include:

  • Children with epilepsy
  • Inflammatory diseases, symptoms, and conditions
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Schizophrenia
  • Eczema and other skin conditions
  • Nausea


Although some users report that the side effects can include drowsiness, this pales in comparison to the side effects sometimes experienced by those who ingest THC and many prescription or over the counter medicines. However, it must be said that it is possible to experience the benefits of THC by simple responsible use and microdosing techniques.



What Exactly Are CBD Gummies?


Many are beginning to take CBD gummies as a daily supplement, which is also related to the more recent microdosing trend. Depending on the ingredients that make up the gummy itself, this can be an enjoyable treat for parents that want to administer CBD as a health supplement to children or even to pets.


These ‘sweets’ are usually organic however always do your research on the particular CBD gummy brand that you are buying. Look for an edible that is made with largely natural and organic ingredients and then infused with high grade, organic CBD.


Take a look at the following benefits of CBD Gummies:


  1. Treat Chronic Pain

Many people across all walks of life, all ages and all professions are turning to CBD as a sustainable way to manage chronic pain. In a recent announcement by the DEA, the quota for producing pills is decreasing for the third straight year as a part of addressing the current Opioid Crisis in America. Every year, thousands of American’s die from an overdose of opioids – – and not just heroin. A large percentage of these deaths are from prescription pain relievers.  There is even some emerging anecotal evidence that CBD can be effective in breaking opium addiction.  As opioid production goes down, CBD production and use will rise in that it is seen as a safe and sane alternative.


If you are considering making the switch from prescription pain relievers to CBD and the only thing stopping you are the potential side effects of CBD- just take a look at the side effects of your prescription pain relievers.  All types of people, from veterans to professional athletes self-medicate with CBD to assist with chronic pain.  Of course, it is always best to talk to your doctor or another trusted health professional before changing medicines and starting a new regimen of medication.  This is true of CBD notwithstanding the fact that it is an herbal supplement.  Indeed, it is always best to get medical advice when starting any herbal regimen.


Additionally, by taking the CBD in the form of a CBD gummy you can use the microdose method. By introducing your system to small amounts of CBD on a daily basis, you can maximize the health benefits without the side effects.


Always talk to a trusted health care professional before using CBD to treat any symptom, especially if you currently taking medication.  So called “medical marijuana” may have tremendous benefits not offered by other medications.


  1. Help To Get Some Decent Sleep

CBD can be helpful in treating an anxious mind that could be preventing you from getting sleep. Besides an anxious mind, many physical ailments can keep you up at night. CBD has also exhibited the ability to assist in relieving chronic pain, which can prevent a patient from being able to sleep. While CBD has not exhibited any effect on the ‘sleep-wake’ cycle, whether positive or negative, it has shown significant promise in the reduction of anxiety.


Be aware when using cannabis products for the first time, as some users have experienced the inability to sleep efficiently after consumption. This is particularly true for products containing THC.  As the medical saying goes: start low and go slow.  This means start with a small dose, see how you tolerate that, and build up to a “regular” dose slowly.


  1. Inflammation

CBD is used by many specifically for its anti-inflammatory properties. Many studies have been performed on these properties. The common results have shown that the CBD cannabinoid shows effectiveness in reducing inflammation through the interaction between the endocannabinoid system and the cannabinoids.


There are studies ongoing to determine if whole spectrum cannabis products are necessary for these anti-inflammatory results and that the isolated CBD cannabinoid does not have the same efficiency on its own. While the relationship between the cannabinoids are still being studied, there are studies that show CBD does have a direct correlation to reducing inflammation, whereas THC has not exhibited the same ability.


If you are living in a state where it is lawful, you may wish to use whole spectrum CBD products or products that contain THC as well.


  1. Ease Your Anxiety

Certain studies performed on animals as well as volunteers have shown promising results with using CBD to treat anxiety. Studies have also shown that CBD can be helpful for those that suffer from social anxiety disorder.


However, there have also been studies performed that indicated no change in behavior after the administration of CBD.


Despite evidence supporting both sides there is an increasing number of patients using CBD products to assist in managing anxiety disorders.


  1. Support Your Immune System

CBD has demonstrated abilities to communicate with the human body’s endocannabinoid system and modulate the systems therein. Research is still ongoing to determine the exact influence that CBD and other cannabinoids have on the immune system. Additionally, autoimmune diseases are often caused by underlying weak immune systems. If CBD does prove to be beneficial in supporting the immune system, this could be further beneficial for those that are battling with autoimmune diseases.


  1. Increase Your Performance And Recovery

Whether you are a professional athlete or simply someone that is trying to stay active and healthy, CBD could be beneficial for your sports performance and, perhaps more importantly, your post-performance recovery.

CBD can be beneficial for your performance in the following ways:

  • Increase your focus
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Reduce both mental and physical fatigue


  1. Improve Cognitive Performance

According to a published report on the NCBI, CBD does improve the cognition in a variety of different models. The study included cases of schizophrenia, Alzheimer ’s disease, meningitis, cerebral malaria and other neuroinflammatory diseases, and also neurological disorders.


The study concluded that while more clinical studies are required, CBD does “restore cognition in multiple studies of impairment.”


Dosage for CBD

The recommended dosage for CBD edibles depends largely on the amount of CBD within the product. Always check the cannabinoid concentration. The candies are commonly found with the following CBD concentration:


  • 15mg (best for those looking for a low dose)
  • 15mg
  • 25mg


It is advised that you talk to a trusted health care provider before you begin using any health supplement, including CBD. It is imperative that you discover which types of cannabis products would be the most beneficial.  Usually the best person to speak with is your long-term doctor.


Whether you are looking for a full spectrum product containing CBD as well as THC or you are seeking a simple CBD isolate product, always source quality products with third party laboratory results available.


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