4 Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Safer

Jay Leiderman
By: Jay Leiderman
May 18 2016

Make Your iPhone More Secure – 4 Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Safer

With the recent event of FBI being able to crack into a smartphone without any help from Apple being all over the news, people can’t help but think if their smartphone is secure at all even if there is a passcode on it, not to mention Apple’s top-notch encryption when it comes to security purposes. After all, if the FBI could do it, anyone with the right tools can do it, right? Well, yes. It is a matter of concern because while the FBI aren’t going to misuse your property since they work for the government, anyone not associated with the government would probably try to break the security so that they have control of your phone. But you can easily prevent that by following these 4 tips that will keep your smartphone safer and secure:

Make Your iPhone More Secure - 4 Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Safer
Now that the FBI has hacked an iPhone what can you do to keep your smartphone safe?

The security of your data and your privacy is important

  1. Password instead of PIN: The most common form of basic security used by iPhone owners is having a 4 or 6-digit PIN on their smartphone. While a PIN code does have the benefits of easier access and quicker unlocking, it’s also relatively vulnerable. You can prevent that by having a password instead of a pincode. This way, if someone does try to break your security, they would actually have to go through a lot of trouble to be able to do.


  1. Two Step Verification: Two-step verification is one of the popular security features today as it is more convenient compared to existing methods of verifying that the person who logged in to your account was actually you. This way, whenever you sign in to an Apple device using your Apple ID, you will have to enter a verification code received via your SMS or find my phone service.


  1. Lockscreen Notifications: No matter how powerful your security setup might be, lockscreen notifications is that one feature which will constantly provide tidbits of information to anyone who has your phone, no matter what. If you want your phone to maintain utmost privacy, then it’s probably a good idea to disable lockscreen notifications as well, which will simply display the password screen if someone tries to access your phone rather than app notifications.


  1. Turn off Automatic Sync: Now this is purely upon a person’s opinion on whether they trust the iCloud or not. A lot of mishaps have happened in the past regarding photograph leaks, hacked accounts and so on but in Apple’s defense, they’re trying the best that they can to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Still, if you are concerned about iCloud’s security, you can turn off automatic sync to make sure that each and every photo that you click, every message received, and every contact saved isn’t uploaded to iCloud for the sake of backup.


Make Your iPhone More Secure - 4 Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Safer
The digital revolution is the most important jump in technology since the work that went into the moon landing

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  1. Two step verification has always seemed like the safest option available for me but I like your tips. Thanks for sharing.

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