2014 in the Cryptosphere – The Jay Leiderman “Sabu” interview was their favorite article of the year

Jay Leiderman
By: Jay Leiderman
January 02 2015

Cryptosphere’s favorite piece of the year!!! Well how flattering. I still can’t disclose the location where I was when I gave the wonderful Lorraine “Raincoaster” Murphy the interview later titled The Sabu Effect: an interview with Jay Leiderman (Still under court order not to disclose). I was in a tiny airport with 21 other people awaiting our 22 person and 3-hour delayed flight to San Francisco, so my investigator and I could then puddle hop to Santa Barbara and then go home. So I went into the unisex bathroom and Loraine and I talked. And talked. Eventually someone knocked. (I try not to think about what they all opined I was doing in that bathroom all that time). The only place where there were not bodies piled in a tiny room was out front, so I tried to get out past security. Getting back out past security? Not happening. So Lorraine and I talked a bit more without as much privacy and I kept my voice down and felt like an outlaw talking about the FBI’s dirty tricks with two old men in uniforms (Airport security) giving me the evil eye.

Then it took forever and a change of employers for the piece to be published. Take that, Daily Dot. You missed out on Cryptosphere’s favorite piece of the year. Here’s what they said in their year in review:

Our own clear favorite is the year-in-the-making The Sabu Effect: An Interview with Jay Leiderman, which was originally commissioned for the Daily Dot but ended up published here. The philosophical underpinnings of Anonymous, as well as the way it changes over time in response to law enforcement actions, are one of our favorite subjects, and this is simply one of the best interviews we’ve ever done.

Again, how flattering. I think the world of Chelsea Manning and to be mentioned in the same paragraph with her is amazing:

Honourable Mention goes to Happy Birthday, Chelsea Manning, which marked a rejection of Objective Reporting and seriously, it felt good to take the gloves off my “on the one hand” and really lay it down for once.

Read the whole piece here

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