18 October 2013: Jay Leiderman on Radio AnonOps with host Lorax

Jay Leiderman
By: Jay Leiderman
October 24 2016

The Hitchhiker’s Legal Guide to the Cyber Galaxy: Jay Leiderman on Radio AnonOps with host Lorax

18 October 2013

Radio AnonOps

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Lorax Live  Jay Leiderman

Jay Leiderman is a criminal law specialist and defense attorney who has represented members of Anonymous and Lulzsec.

Radio AnonOps – free speech and good music.

Radio AnonOps

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Radio AnonOps

22 May 2014 – Sad day! Lorax was arrested in Australia.

The Anonymous radio host of Lorax Live has been blocked from producing new shows with charges of hacking leveled against him. Lorax is a life-long supporter of human rights and a passionate believer in open information who has given generously of his time and talents to help educate others.

March 3, 2016. Adam John Bennett, 42, was a respected surf life saver at Scarborough and worked for a cancer charity when he was arrested in 2014 on suspicion of being part of the Anonymous group. Lorax was jailed for two years, suspended for two years, and ordered to commit to an intensive supervision order and complete 200 hours of community service.

Radio AnonOps

Former Anonymous member Adam John Bennett given suspended sentence for website hacking




A Perth judge has described a former member of online activism group Anonymous who helped hack into websites as an “immature creep” and a “pest” who had never grown up.

Adam John Bennett, 42, was today given a suspended sentence for six charges including aiding another person to cause the unauthorised impairment of electronic communications.


Bennett, a long-time lifesaver at Scarborough Beach, used the pseudonym ‘Lorax’ for his online activities, and had an online radio show, as well as thousands of followers.



Prosecutor Patricia Aloi told the court “the plan was to get a much larger number of sites”.

She said the “impact could be described as a nuisance, could be described as lost productivity”, and such offending could escalate.

Ms Aloi said the Commonwealth believed a custodial sentence was appropriate.

Lawyer argues rant was one of ‘political ideology’

Acting on behalf of Bennett, Darren Renton told the court the hacked web pages were accessible, and only the front page had the Anonymous “rant”.

He agreed with Justice Phillip McCann’s description of the offences as being “like barricading the front door and not the side door”.

Mr Renton said the Anonymous rant was one of “political ideology” and there was no suggestion of financial or monetary gain, or sensitive information being accessed.

While the result was something akin to “digital graffiti”, he said his client accepted he was breaking the law, and it was an illegal way to put forward a political view.



Mr Renton spoke of other communications Bennett had with various companies, and the Supreme Court of Tasmania, and Senator Nick Xenophon, in which he highlighted how they were vulnerable to hacking.

Bennett used the Anonymous Australia Twitter account, and Mr Renton said his client was being “altruistic”.

But Justice McCann said the actions were more like bullying and intimidation, including when Velocity Internet was told “you have been warned”.

Rants ‘a recipe for anarchy’

Justice McCann was highly critical of Bennett, who he referred to as a “creepy pest” and an “immature creep who doesn’t mind his own business”.

He said “as a private citizen he has no business pestering people like Nick Xenophon”.

Justice McCann said there was a “high level conspiracy to commit anarchist acts”.

He highlighted part of the rant which said information about corporation and governments should be publicly available, and called it “a recipe for anarchy”.

Justice McCann said it was not a political ideology, more like “immature rants of the schoolyard”.

He said Bennett, who was in his late thirties when the offences occurred, was “grossly immature” with an “unjustified sense of self worth”.

But he said to jail Bennett, who had “basically never grown up”, would make him a martyr, and he should instead be given the “21st century equivalent” of being in the stocks.



Bennett was given a sentence of two years’ imprisonment, suspended for two years, as well as 200 hours of community service and an intensive supervision order.

Radio AnonOps

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