Worth a read: A batshit crazy email from the day Barrett Brown was arrested.

Jay Leiderman
By: Jay Leiderman
September 12 2016

In advance of Barrett Brown’s release on the 29th of November, I wanted to publish this batshit crazy email.  I have redacted the name of the sender and the blogs so that I can preserve her privacy.  But if you guess who sent it – whatever.  This person kept tweeting at me and I agreed to giver her my email address.  Big mistake.  So, in early celebration of Barrett’s release, here’s a batshit crazy email, full of lies and conspiracy theories.


Barrett Brown
Barrett Brown, via Project PM, was working on gathering information about the trapwire surveillance program

Prior to being arrested, Barrett Brown was working on gathering information about a project called TrapWire.  TrapWire is a government program involving cameras set up all over the place with facial recognition software.  It is supposed to be used to track terrorists, but in reality it is used to track ordinary citizens and their free movement.  It is out government spying on us.

The below individual hit me up on Twitter repeatedly within 24 hours of Barrett Brown’s arrest.  She wanted to insert herself into the case.  She wanted fame and glory, being the person who helped Barrett Brown ameliorate his legal situation.  She was soon shunned by all participants of the case.  I won’t elaborate.

In any event, you can see that this person has held the mysteries of TrapWire in her hands for 4 years but has refused to share them with anyone.  It’s either horrifically selfish to humanity of she is full of shit.


From: XXX [mailto:[xxx]@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2012 8:39 PM
To: Jay@LeidermanDevine.com
Subject: Barrett Brown

Barrett Brown
Oh, teh sadness when one is unaware. Teh sadz.


it is me from Twitter.

I do not know the people at the law firm I suggested you call for Barrett Brown. I have heard of them and what I have heard is good. I suggest you call them unless you have a lead on someone better.


As you know or should know, BB threatened the FBI agent and his kids, and it is all on video. He needs good help asap. His only likely defense (in my non-crim defense lawyer opinion) is that he is in detox and not in his right mind. He was obviously not mentally right during the videos.

PLEASE be very cautious. I was online all afternoon/ evening while the raid/ arrest happened. It is my opinion that people set Barrett up to be on chat while he was arrested. I think many of those on the chat were part of the sting set-up to keep him online and on camera while the FBI went to arrest him. I think the FBI wanted to know where he was and to keep him off guard.

One of the people who keeps tweeting to you ( @Kaymee ) — I do not even know who this is, but this person was asking me idiotic questions on Twitter all afternoon and into the evening while Barrett was being arrested — I think trying to distract me, to keep me from tipping off Barrett that it looked like he was about to be raided — although he seemed to know anyway. @Kaymee was working with 2 others on this — I ended out blocking @Kaymee and another one that uses a male photo — and then the idiocy was continued by @WeallOccupy I thought at first they were genuine, and I do not mind answering questions and love to share information, which is why I write my blogs. I then figured out they are not genuine and were only trying to keep me busy by asking stupid repeated questions. I kept replying because I wanted to answer the questions posed by @WeAllOccupy simply because that account has 6,000+ followers and I did not want the followers to have incorrect info.

The questions were about TrapWire, which I have researched probably more than anyone else. I work all legally, and have come up with things no one else has, including the computer screens of TrapWire, etc. I have other information I am keeping to myself for now.

The questions were about TrapWire, which I have researched probably more than anyone else

Over time, I have come to see that agents/ infiltrators/ or whatever they are — often use a technique of pretending they don’t know, then arguing when you tell them — and then being abusive — and the purpose of it is to get you to TELL more and to reveal your sources.

I was trained in graduate school on how to do real investigative journalism, and I do not give out my sources or the path to my information.


Please be aware that the FBI DOES have and use online persona management software that allows one operator to create 6 realistic online personas and run all 6 at once. It can be that @TomRyanBlog @Kaymee @WeAllOccupy and others may be one person / operator. Unless you know them personally.

Also on the chat was @asshurtmcfags who is a male who dresses/looks female, who appeared to be in on trapping BB, in my opinion. Also @TomRyanBlog and @TyrKoil and possibly other people. The whole chat looked to me like a set-up, especially when taken together with their tweets

* * * *

I have done a good bit of research on topics of interest to Barrett, and he had been retweeting my links, etc. (I started a brand new blog where my first post is on TrapWire: http//[redacted].blogspot.com My research is all legal, but I dug up stuff no one else has come up with yet. I also run a few other blogs, one of which has also dealt with FBI surveillance, fake profiles, etc ( Http://[redacted].blogspot.com )

I write this to explain that I have been harassed online by obvious FBI infiltrators, multiple fake personas, fake “Anons”, fake “Occupiers,” etc. I have had these sorts of people contacting me daily for at least a year now, so I have a pretty good eye for it.

I have been harassed online by obvious FBI infiltrators

Also, the day before BB was arrested, he was concerned about being harassed and set up online by @Asherahresearch but he had someone forgotten who that is. I reminded him openly on Twitter that it is Jennifer Emick. She considers herself a “researcher” for the FBI etc. She may very well be an FBI informant, and she bills herself as someone who will harass people online for a fee. This is her site: http://www.asherahresearch.org/

By my reminding him openly on Twitter about Jennifer Emick, I got the attention of a bunch of these FBI informant/ harasser types, and started getting a big dose of odd and harassing tweets and emails. By now, I am pretty good at sidestepping these things.

This very same person — Jennifer Emick — had been involved in some of the worst harassment of me about 9 months ago. I believe she uses the FBI online multiple persona management software. When it is employed, it can feel very overwhelming. Suddenly, you are being harassed by a whole crowd of people who are posting horrible things at you and about you all at once. And they ALL agree and interact with each other like old friends. ANd you notice, they all show up in the same place at the same time, they all agree and they all sound pretty darn similar to each other.

A bunch of these were posting things on my public Facebook page (which has been in unpublish mode for months because of this). What I did was — I bookmarked their URLs before blocking them. Then I went to a secondary FB account, and a few months later, went to the bookmarked URLs. The personas had changed their names, their photos, locations, personal info, etc. These are shell accounts that create a persona to harass people, and then swap out the personas.

Aaron Barr of HB Gary had reportedly created a whole bunch of pretty women profiles to infiltrate the Occupy movement. All the Occupy guys had these same pretty women as their “friends,” although none of them had met them in person. These profiles would have one knock-out photo, and that is all it took to get men to let them in as FB friends.

Barrett Brown
The extinct Dodo bird



But wait – there’s more – bonus overtime!

The person who tried to insert herself into the case actually advocated destruction of evidence!  Not only that, but above she admits that she is not a criminal defense lawyer and has no idea about criminal law.  Yet she gives this advice.


9/30/12 12:14 am:

Dear YYY,

I did hear from { } — about them wanting the videos made private.

I think Jay’s advice is not correct.  In fact, I think Jay’s advice and tweets are dangerous to Barrett.  I could write more about what I think about it, but I do not want to stray into that territory.

Jay is not Barrett’s lawyer.  I am not Barrett’s lawyer.  I am in touch with Barrett’s { } and she wants the videos made private n-o-w.   She was shocked to find the videos are still up.  She has asked for them to be taken down or made private.  Please respect her wishes.

I am not Barrett’s lawyer

The videos are very bad for Barrett’s criminal case, bad for his reputation, and very bad for his family.

Leaving the videos up any longer can lead to Barrett being charged with many more crimes. The videos should have been made private immediately.

The FBI has arrested Barrett for making threats and they say he has “counseled, commanded, and induced” others to act against the FBI agent.  By leaving the videos up, the threats continue on.

The most dangerous thing is that if someone acts on the threats, then Barrett can be charged with that crime.  This has actually happened before.  For example —  Say someone comes along and kills that FBI agent.  Barrett can be charged with the murder.  Even if he had nothing to do with it and the person is totally unrelated to Barrett.

Let’s say one of the children of the FBI agent is injured by someone.  Barrett can be charged with that crime, because he has asked it to be done on the internet.

Also, suppose  there is someone who did see the videos, and that person gets the idea of killing or harming the FBI agent or his children.  Even if that person does not act on this, Barrett can be charged with soliciting murder. [Ed note: this is the stupidest interpretation of the law I have heard in ages]

I DO know of a case where this happened when a man wrote a threat against a judge on his website.   He is now in prison in super max federal detention for 50 years.  50 years.  Make the videos private.

If you care even one tiny bit about Barrett, you will make the videos private immediately.



12:40 am: 9/30/12


i do not know what could be gained from taking the videos down. i have been in touch with { } since barrett and i started dating. she has not said anything to me, nor may she realize the futility of privatizing them as there are a million copies of them.

if barrett gets a lawyer, or if the fd thinks this is a good idea, of course i’ll take them down.

{ } is lovely but she is not barrett, and barrett would be very upset if i did that. i have to be loyal to { } but barrett comes first. he makes some stupid requests but when its not entirely clear i have to go with his wishes.

the fbi has the videos, millions have the videos mirrored on the internet and elsewhere, so anything that happens will be traced to barrett anyway, but barrett made no threats, unless you mean doxing.

i care immensely for barrett, i love him with all my heart, and i have to say i resent you implying my care for barrett depends on going into his youtube account against his wishes and private-ing videos.


From: XXX <[xxx]@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 12:49 AM
Subject: Re: Important!
Dear YYY,

Please make the videos private and the next time Barrett meets with his real lawyer — the public defender — he can ask if they should be private or left public.

No, I assure you { } has asked them to be made private and was shocked they are still up.

Yes, others have copied the videos.  But what is important is what Barrett has done or allowed to be done.

Also many of the other sites have embedded the youtube, so removing them off youtube assists.

it is important what Barrett does on his youtube account or what he gets others to do.  It shows whether he is responsible as a person or if he is not.  IF BARRETT CAN SAY:  I DID THAT WHEN I WAS ON DRUGS AND ALL CONFUSED AND NOW THAT I AM IN A BETTER MENTAL STATE, I SEE THEY WERE WRONG AND I HAVE HAD THEM REMOVED.  That means a lot to a Court trying to trust him.



[So she wants him to plead guilty without a fight!  Good thing he had a real lawyer!  Her advice would have sent him to prison for decades.]  

And it continues unabated:

From: XXX <[xxx]@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 12:59 AM
Subject: Re: Important!
To: <YYY>
Dear YYY,

Do you understand that what people call “doxing” is a very serious crime? it is a crime to do that to anyone. It is also a crime to do that to an FBI agent.

it is illegal to post anyone’s private information, even if it can be found elsewhere on the internet.

In the case I mentioned earlier, the man posted only the address of the judge on his website. He has been in prison for 10 years and is scheduled for release in 2037. He is in USP Florence ADMAX.

This is Florence Admax, where prisoners go who have threatened FBI agents, judges, etc. It has the strictest controls. you can download the rule books in pdf, if you like. The NEVER get phone calls and are not allowed mail in or out. They get visitors very rarely.



Gee, I’ve visited ADX 3 times and have done legal calls to inmates there.  Seems someone is misinformed.  

Barrett Brown
The last place they will allow you to take a picture at ADX is at the front gate.


It starts getting ugly


1:54 AM (1 minute ago)


Here is another write-up about stalking and harassment. Interstate stalking is a federal crime. Posting a person’s personal information — or threatening to — is a federal crime. I KNOW for a fact the FBI acts on this, when the victim reports it:



1:55 AM (0 minutes ago)

to XXX

stop contacting me.


From: XXX <[XXX]@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 1:41 AM
Subject: Re: Important!

Dear YYY,

I asked you to keep confidentiality about what I told you.

stop contacting me.

You should tell Barrett to ask his lawyer in Texas about the videos right away.

Not only is it a crime to post someone’s personal information, it is one of the crimes Barrett is being charged with, if the indictment going around is accurate.

Posting a person’s personal information online falls under crimes that are both federal as well as under many state laws. When something is done on the internet, it can go under ANY state law.

the laws this comes under are usually Cyberstalking, Cyber-harrassment. They can also come under threatening laws, or of release of personal information laws.

if it is done on the internet, it can come under interstate commerce law. No one is allowed to use a method of interstate commerce, such as the internet, to harass or stalk or pose a threat to any other person.

Here is a sampling of state laws. As I explained, what happens on the internet can come under federal law or under any state law. I think this chart is not fully up-to date because I know of others that have been enacted.

In addition, it is ALWAYS illegal in every state to pose a threat or menace any other person, including posting their personal information for the purpose of harassing or beleaguring them.

If anyone files a complaint with the FBI about so-called doxing, the FBI DOES act upon it. I know this for a fact. Those acts are illegal and no one has a right to harm another person in such a way.




OR was XX lying that { } wanted Barrett Brown’s YouTube videos removed?  Seems so! 

From: { }
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2012 4:20 PM
To: Jay Leiderman <jay@leidermandevine.com>
Subject: Re: FW: Barrett Brown

Then she sent me a bunch of crazy emails

Or XXX? She asked me a lot of questions at the beginning, apparently she and YYY had some arguments about taking down his YouTubes. XXX then sent me letters with legal advice recommending YYY take down his You Tubes (apparently she still has control of that too) and I deferred to you, saying we were acting on your advice. Then she sent me a bunch of crazy emails about Aaron Socio somehow involving Barrett, which I didn’t reply. Haven’t heard from her in a while –

And there it is! 

Barrett Brown
Some people don’t know when to quit. And because I disagreed with this person’s legal advice, she has hated me ever since. Oh well, no loss.



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  1. That’s what I noticed about Sue Basko, that she’s a paranoid schizophrenic, like with the insight their pretty much important, and persecuted for it, megalomania, grandiosity.

    Fifty dollars, I wonder if they could be paid off by some access by satellite. I’m checking on them.

    -Our side.

  2. Stalker gets arrested for stalking! Rot in Hell, JoJo. You lost at life. Fucker! Fuck you, Sue Basko, too. You’re next. Crooked psycho narcissist co-conspirator. You gonna hide without your sociopath to protect you?




    JoJo Camp was arrested yesterday in Lakewood, Colorado. He is currently being held on numerous charges including displaying a deadly weapon, stalking, harassment, violating a restraining order, assault, and bribery.

    JoJo, who hasn’t been out of jail much in recent years, made national headlines when he hacked a university computer network, fled the state, and then was apprehended while trying to sell the identities of thousands of students and faculty to an undercover FBI officer.

    JoJo spent time in prison for the hacking and was released early only to be sent back to finish out his sentence after stalking and harassing a Florida lawyer and her child.

    After being released a second time, JoJo continued his harassment of the lawyer and had a permanent restraining order put out against him last year. Naturally he chose to ignore the PRO but left New York and moved to Colorado.

    JoJo attempted to start a business and a new life in Colorado in Mime related activities (yes, Mime) but wasn’t too successful. He was arrested early Tuesday morning after being set up by one of his victims. It appears he’s being held without bail.

    Mr Camp was running as an independent candidate for Colorado House District 1. Let’s hope this arrest doesn’t interupt his campaign too much.

    Joseph “JoJo” Camp

    After 2 years of harassing a Florida lawyer and her child, a warrant was issued for JoJo’s arrest in 2015. By this time JoJo had secretly fled to Colorado where he started a New Life and a New Job. But within months he harassed a coworker, got fired and received a New Restraining Order against him. His response to the Florida arrest warrant was to make threats of violence.

    Screw the Iron Troll blog gig, I’m heading to Colorado so JoJo can make me into a world famous mime!

    Oh yes, the name Zile will go down in history like all those other world famous mimes that come to mind when you think of all the world famous mimes in the history of the whole world!

    You know, all those mimes, like Charlie Choplin (Not to be confused with world famous singer, Janis Choplin or world famous composer, Frédéric Choplin or, I guess, even silent movie actor, Charlie Chaplin). I will be more famous than the late Robin Williams, who everybody knows won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his miming. JoJo will make me more famous than all those other mimes he googled, yet whose names he still managed to mangle. But there are 10 of them…

    Below is an email JoJo wrote where he actually believe a “client” of his has become a household name as a mime. Because of JoJo’s managerial skills.

    JoJo would be surprised at, not only how many people have never heard of his client the mime, but how many people have never heard of JoJo Camp.

    JoJo considers himself a public figure, though in legal terms, at best he might be considered a “limited service” public figure because so many people know him as Jotato the dumbass, who likes to harass and stalk people and file frivolous lawsuits.

    Don’t forget! JoJo’s next court date is in just 8 days on September 16th at 9:30 am!


    JoJo got a lot of mileage out of his American Hostage campaign. Though he pleaded guilty to being involved in a computer hacking conspiracy at the University of Central Missouri, JoJo recanted after he got out of prison and claimed he was innocent.

    In this email written by JoJo admits he did the hacking but only changed his grades. Court documents show that he did a lot more than that, including transferring university funds to his personal student account, and stealing the identities of 90,000 people.

    JoJo also mentions that he was rated the 4th best hacker in the world? I think they must have meant the 4th best hacker in Warrensburg, Missouri.

    The email is courtesy of @ThaCyc0 who wanted to send a big to all of JoJo’s white knights.

    This is is my last e-mail to you…

    I don’t expect a reply.

    I just wanted to let you know that I am going to stay on course and once done with
    her, be done with everything else. You’re a great person and I had good times
    working together. I felt like maybe a difference was being made.

    You are correct, I am paranoid. Not because I do anything wrong, or that I am scared
    of the trolls/rustleleague etc. I am scared because I spent nearly 4 years in
    Leavenworth for (at worst) changing some grades at an University. Somewhere, I
    was rated as the number 4 computer hacking in the world. I wouldn’t go taht far.

    I was recruited by several agencies, and even not so savory people, to work on
    projects that I have since turned down, in favor of not committing crimes, and not
    working for the government who incarcerated me for so long.

    I am fully doxed, the feds did it. So I add to it. Since you are leaving, I would
    recommend you and I maybe work together on an exit “dox” of misinformation.
    Everything I release (not my research) is legit. Thus, I have a serious amount of
    credibility. The other option, going quietly is probably better. I think you can make an
    exit and no one will know.

    I apologize for calling so much. As I hav said, I am scared of the ruthlessness of
    our government, and the inferior nature of the CFAA. Changing grades got me in

    I wish you the best. I won’t disrupt or disturb you. While there are good people in this
    community, there are also evil people, people who wish ill for the fun of it. It’s better
    that you get away from that. You have a family and a government contact job. I don’t
    have a family, and for the next six months won’t be working. This is my life now. An
    internet antibully or something

    I guess I turned in to a monster. I suck 🙁 I hope you are well.


    On January 25th, 2014, the gmail accounts of @MyBronyNinja were hacked which led to his Twitter and WordPress blog also being hacked. Prosecutor Doe, who claimed responsibility for the hacking, is a member of the OpProsecute Family, who are all alleged to be socks of Joseph Camp.

    This Imgur Album posted by @MyBronyNinja contains screen shots of the hacking and he also writes about it on his blog MyBronyNinja Press Office

    I would think anyone who’d spent time in prison because of hacking would have the sense to avoid any situation involved with hacking but…. potato

    JoJo recently contacted the Colorado office of the FBI with another of his endless FOIA requests. (JoJo is the only person in history who’s had the United States Government file a restraining order against him to make him stop filing FOIA)

    JoJo is currently incarcerated while he awaits trial for several felonies. During his bond hearing-where the bond was set at $100,000- JoJo heard the district attorney mention that the FBI is investigating him.

    JoJo and others have been repeatedly told that the FBI is investigating the crazy goings on with Camp, Retzlaff and Rauhauser so I don’t know why JoJo is finally getting around to asking why.

    Even though JoJo is a “public figure”, I doubt the FBI will give him any information on an ongoing investigation. JoJo mentions his client is also a public figure but he doesn’t mention that he tried to strangle her and she filed charges of assault, stalking and harassment against him. I kinda think she’s no longer his client.

    A copy of JoJo’s letter is below, it’s also typed out to make it easier to read. You can get more info on JoJo via Bullyville at JoJoCamp.com

    Pursuant to the Federal FOIA I am respectfully request all document and records held by your office that mention me; Joseph A. Camp 05/28/1984.
    I am unsure what records you have, but to narrow it some, while in an bond hearing on Aug. 10th 2016 in Jefferson County, the District Attorney advised the court that “the FBI is investigaging [me]” for something or another related to this matter. As such I make this request.
    Any denials should include explanation and name and office to whom I am to appeal.
    I am requesting waive of fees as I am requesting the documents in the interests of the public-that is, I am a “public figure” as well as my client (involved) REDACTED REDACTED and the material will advance the public’s knowledge and understanding of this dispute.

    Joseph A Camp

    UPDATE August 31: Bullyville has obtained a copy of a consent release that JoJo signed, allowing the police to search his phone. JoJo’s claim of being hacked is total crap.

    Chronic stalker, JoJo Camp, who is very famous, and was once rated the 4th most elite hacker in the whole world, is claiming he has been hacked. By the cops who have arrested him.

    JoJo is awaiting trial on several felonies so in his copious free time he is applying the Thomas Retzlaff jail house lawyer defense strategy of bothering everyone connected to his arrest.

    In the letter below, JoJo is attempting to get an investigation started as a result of his arrest. Apparently he wrote several complaints about the officers who arrested him and he’s accusing them of hacking his email and social media accounts.

    Since JoJo is under arrest and his email and social accounts were used in the commission of his assorted felonies, I don’t think the correct term is hacking. More likely they’ve been seized and will be used in his prosecution.

    JoJo was a packrat who loved to gather information. I am very curious about what is found. I bet there are some nervous people right now…

  3. I am sure this post has touched all the internet users taht she has abused over hte years A lesson in viciousness by Sue Basko storify.com/anarchic_teapot/new-story-1

  4. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d without a doubt donate to this excellent
    blog! I look forward to fresh updates on this batshit crazy woman and will share this website
    with my Facebook group. Chat soon!

  5. Sue Basko Internet Insanity


    Internet insanity
    While reading about the plight of one of my friends, I came across a little bit of Internet Insanity. (Yea, I know, how unusual, right?)

    Sue Basko, “Lawyer for Music and Film”, is one of those “colorful” personalities who makes a living off of Hollywood. She also has a blog. I’m not interested in her blog, not at all. But I am interested in the warning she placed on her blog. It says:

    COPYRIGHT: ALL MATERIAL COPYRIGHT 2010-11 Susan Basko. You may not copy or use or link to or quote or cite ANY material herein without explicit written permission from the Owner. No “Fair Use” applicable. Permission easily granted to good people/uses. Don’t be shy to ask.

    You see what I did there? By copying her text, and linking to it, I’ve done what Ms. Basko says I cannot do.

    I especially like how she says that Fair Use is not applicable! It’s like she gets to make up the law as it applies to her own website!

    EFF logoThis is why I like and support the Electronic Frontier Foundation. They offer a legal guide to bloggers that helps bloggers know when someone like Sue Basko is full of it.

    For instance, several court cases in America have ruled that I CAN link to Sue Basko’s website, with or without her permission. I can even “deep link” to a place on a website where normal users of that site would have to go through several layers first. This has been ruled to be legal.

    I’m also allowed to copy and paste “short quotes” from anyone else’s blog just so that I can comment from it. This is lawful for me to do. Let me give you an example from Ms. Basko’s blog:

    EDUCATION: I have a Juris Doctorate magna cum laude from Southern Illinois University School of Law; have completed all coursework for a Master of Arts in Mass Communication Media Arts in the department of Cinema-Photography/ Radio-TV at Southern Illinois University; have a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Video from Columbia College Chicago.

    This seems to be a pretty impressive education, until you realize that Ms. Basko really doesn’t understand copyright in America – you would think that someone working in the entertainment industry would know copyright law inside and out! She has a JD degree from Southern Illinoise University School of Law and still says that I am not allowed to link to her blog, or use parts of it as “fair use”?

    This is incredibly hilarious.

    Taken with her other blog postings, Ms. Basko comes off as another one of the (all too common) tinfoil-hat wearing brigade, who try to force the world to be what they want it to be, instead of taking it for what it really is.

    If you are seeking legal advice from Ms. Basko, I would advise you look long and hard at this first.
    Also, if you have the time, money, or legal expertise, and you want to donate to an excellent cause, then support the Electronic Frontier Foundation. I do, and you should too!

    Lastly, because I’ve been warned that Ms. Basko has a habit of deleting her own writing and claiming to have never written it, I’ve taken a screen shot of the offending page, which I will post here if it ever disappears or changes.
    Update 24 Dec 2011:

    Before and After screen captureWow, it was predicted, and so it came to pass!

    Quietly, and without fanfare, Ms. Basko has updated her copyright warning. Since I saved her page, I can give you a before and after screenshot of it to the right here. (Click on the image to see it bigger).

    The top shows her orginal text with the silly copyright warning that prevents you from copying or linking to her text.

    She’s almost got everything set here. But there is still a little bit of sillyness. The text now reads:

    COPYRIGHT: ALL MATERIAL COPYRIGHT Sue Basko 2010. Materials on this site may be used and shared only for the purposes of learning. They may not be used for any form of cyberstalking, bullying, or harassing. Legal action will be taken against any cyberstalker or harasser. If that’s you, get off this page.

    I’m glad she’s made this clear. Right now, I’m using her text to demonstrate that she still doesn’t understand copyright – so I guess technically I’m teaching someone reading this blog something.

    But still, she’s completely wrong here. According to the US Copyright Office, I’m allowed to copy and reproduce a fair amount of Ms. Basko’s work, “… for purposes such as commentary, criticism, news reporting, and scholarly reports.”

    For the record, I’m criticizing Ms. Basko’s words, her “so-called” proficiency with Internet Law. I’m doing so because she purports to be an entertainment lawyer who I would think is supposed to KNOW something about the law and the Internet, while also understanding basic facts about the Internet – namely “The Streisand Effect”.

    For a great example of what you can do with Fair Use and Copyright, I suggest you watch the movie “A Fair(y) Use Tail” by Eric Faden. (I would guess that there is very little chance that Mr. Faden is represented by Ms. Basko).

    Another aspect of Fair Use is parody. If I wished, I could modify the image of Ms. Basko in Photoshop to make her look like a Klingon, and then translate part of her web site into Klingon words (called “tlhIngan Hol” in English). I could then put a word bubble above her head showing the Klingon Ms. Basko shouting her own words in Klingon.

    I could, if I wished, use Photoshop to redraw the photo of Ms. Basko as a clown. This would be a neat parody because it would hook into the whole entertainment industry (better than a Klingon) while at the same time making a statement about Ms. Basko’s abilities.

    I could do this, but I won’t. Not out of fear, but because it is Christmas eve and I’ve got other things to do with my time. Call it laziness if you wish.

    One other thing I would like to point out is the Copyright Date on the updated text. Copyright is good for a long time, so a Copyright of 2010 is not going to run out any time soon. However, according to the Copyright Office, Copyright happens automatically when you write something. Using a date or the (c) symbol is merely a formality.

    But back-dating your copyright by a year doesn’t make sense, it makes it seem older than it really is, and would allow it to fall into public domain one year sooner than necessary.

    The only reason why Ms. Basko would have a 2010 Copyright on this material is if she is trying to make it seem like she didn’t REALLY change her website – or if she merely forgot.

    Personally, I think she just forgot. We will see it updated correctly soon. Especially after I tell her about it.

    10 Oct 2013: update.

    I’m seeing a lot of people coming here to read this. For some reason that I can’t determine, this article has become more popular.

    If you want to learn more about Sue Basko, “Lawyer for Music and Film”, you can do so from these websites:
    Sue Basko claims that parents of Autistic kids are riding the “gravy train”. – Liz Ditz, “I Speak of Dreams” blog.
    Autism Story triggers a shitstorm – “Def Sheppard” blog
    How not to make a fool of yourself on the Internet – “Harpocrates Speaks” blog
    Update – “Def Sheppard” blog
    And just in case you ARE Sue Basko, I have a couple of websites you should also be concerned about.
    How a famous singer and movie star removed unwanted information from the Internet.
    How a CEO got customers to remove unwanted comments from the Internet.
    What bloggers are NOT ALLOWED to say about you.

  6. Susan Marie Basko Witchcraft, occult, psycho, crazy, harassment Chicago Illinois

    Susan Marie Basko is an insane woman with a license to practice law in both California and Illinois, who believes in sub-contracting out to witches as a legitimate means of getting her way. Do you want someone like this representing you?

    Sue contantly complains about her stalkers and the defamation they spew, yet she has been known to contact the employers and family members of people who get in her way. She will also lie incessantly about anyone she doesn’t like at the moment, in order to further her own agenda. She is also incredibly insensitive towards those who suffer from autism. Don’t trust this unmedicated psychopath with your case!

  7. eNCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA: https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Sue_Basko

    Susan Marie Basko,✡ aka Batshit Baskocase Sue, Solange Soleil or Suehappy Basketcase for short, is a known belligerent attorney at lol who has been involved in and lost over 9,000 cases in Internet Court. She is also an IRL lawyer with a license to practice law in California and Illinois (note: NOT in New York). She claims to be Catholic but her actions are closer aligned with Scientology than Catholicism. Sue Basko is roughly equivalent (but superior to) what might happen if Mike Sandy and Daniel Brandt mated.
    Whether you’re a potential target of swatting and need to be reminded to never allow the police inside, need someone to harass the family members of those internet terrorists known as the Rustle League, or are just being bullied by The Man, Sue Basko is the only Internet Lawyer you will ever want to call.
    1 Award-Winning Blogger
    2 Rustle League
    3 Anti-COINTELPRO Extraordinaire
    4 IRL Harrassment Service
    5 Work with convicted felons
    6 Occupy Peace
    6.1 Bright side of life
    6.2 Professional victim
    6.3 Expert advice
    6.4 Rustle League, Doxbin, and Encyclopedia Dramatica attacks
    7 Philanthropy
    8 Copyright thief
    9 Sue Basko: Tree Whisperer
    10 Sex Life
    11 Copypasta
    12 Profiles
    13 Related Articles
    14 Media
    15 Further Reading
    Award-Winning Blogger

    NuvolaMoar info: Sue_Basko/Twitter.
    In 2013, Sue was awarded a Golden Jimmy for her pioneering work in the legal field. This was due primarily to the free legal advice which she gives on her blog, which, upon being read by anyone who isn’t retarded or Ronbryn, is self-evidently beyond reproach. This was further bolstered by some of her 5 star reporting, which was exclusively released on her blog. Here are some of the gems she has given the world:

    Gallery About missing Pics

    “The Nexxus of hate”

    If this isn’t her business card, it should be.

    Expect to see this on a bus bench near you.

    Legal threats delivered, 140 characters at a time.
    [Expand Gallery]

    Rustle League

    Well, Basko was this completely spaztic fucktard who we were all lol’oing at when this aaronsocio scrub got arrested. I came up with the idea to email her saying that we are aaronsocio’s lawyer and that her services are no longer needed. She flipped out and eventualy ginger brooks told her that it was us so she made like 50 blog posts about us one in particular saying that a transgendering man was trying to steal her jewgold which spiraled into epic fucking lulz. After that she came after f0rsaken got got her dawks dropped including ssn and continued to make blogposts as we harassed her and I made sock accounts to trick her and get into her timeline by making her believe that I was someone working against the Rustle League. As of now, she just subtweets us saying how antisemitic we are and how we are going to hell for masturbating and being criminals online
    Yeah, and now she’s going on about some shit about making a video with this fucking autist who sounds like the guy who sucks dicks for cheeseburgers in cartoons.

    —Shm00p’s take on the Rustle League/Basko saga.

  8. 3. Racial Discrimination
    “The clear and central purpose of the Fourteenth Amendment was to eliminate all official state sources of invidious racial discrimination … There can be no question but that Virginia’s miscegenation statutes rest solely upon distinctions drawn according to race.”

  9. JoJo had another hearing yesterday, March 28th, regarding two of the charges from his long assorted list. Charges addressed were # 6, Stalking, which is JoJo’s way of showing affection and #8 Attempt To Influence A Public Servant, which no doubt came as a result of JoJo trying to flip the cop twenty bucks to take a hike.

    JoJo has another court date for these charges on April 4th and then on April 24th is the Disposition Hearing for his major charge of attempting to strangle a mime.

    JoJo’s well known and much beloved internet lawyer, Sue Basko, will most likely email JoJo some of her expert advice on how to beat the rap, but it looks likely that JoJo will end up spending a year or two.

    Living life JoJo free has been very nice.

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