Defense of Computer Crimes & Hacking

Jay Leiderman Law provides full and complete legal services to those accused of computer related crimes including so-called hacking or DDoS attacks. Jay Leiderman Law is Southern California’s preeminent computer crime defense law firm. We also handle cases nationally and internationally.

The services we offer include:

  • Representing clients in computer, hacking and DDoS-related criminal cases, administrative hearings and civil cases.
  • Consulting with clients regarding the evolving field of criminal law as it relates to computer crimes done at the state, federal and international levels.
  • Advising persons engaged in computer enterprises that have questions about their operations so that they may ensure legally compliant operations.
  • Obtaining the return of computers and related property seized in criminal cases.
  • Defending clients who are “raided” by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), other multi-jurisdictional law enforcement agencies and local law enforcement.