Depending on the circumstances, the police can make an arrest for committing a crime with or without an arrest warrant.

After an arrest for a misdemeanor without a warrant, the crime must be committed in the officer’s presence unless a statutory exception applies. If the officer suspects that you committed a crime, then the officer can go to a judge to ask for a warrant for your arrest.

Lawyer for an Arrest Warrant in Ventura, CA

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Ventura’s SWAT Team for Serving Warrants

In Ventura County, the SWAT Team handles high-risk law enforcement situations involving:

  • the arrest of armed or dangerous suspects with an outstanding arrest warrant;
  • hostage situations;
  • barricaded suspects; and
  • warrant service where there is a chance of a violent confrontation.

Records Unit of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office

The records and licensing unit of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office provides all law enforcement agencies in Ventura County with a central repository of criminal records. The unit also operates a countywide automated Wants/Warrants System which contains over 93,000 warrants on individuals.

Additional Resources

Ventura’s Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) – The mission of Ventura’s SWAT is to “provide highly trained personnel for use in incidents where disciplined teamwork, specialized weapons, and tactical skills are needed to resolve high-risk law enforcement incidents.” The goal of the SWAT Team is to give the most protection to involved personnel and provides the greatest degree of safety possible for the public and suspects.

Case Inquiry with the Superior Court of Ventura County – Visit the website of the Superior Court of the County of Ventura to find information on pending criminal cases, including whether an arrest warrant was issued for a value to appear in court. Effective January 1, 1989, the clerk began to enter municipal court cases into the system. Effective in 1995, the clerk began entering information from superior court cases.