Elder Abuse

One of the fastest growing area of crime in the United States is dependent adult and elder abuse, especially for financial abuse involving separating a vulnerable adult from their money, assets or property.

When it comes to the frequency of elder abuse cases, California leads the nation. In fact, nearly 11% of all dependent adult and elder abuse cases within the United States come from California. Financial crimes against the elderly are expected to grown even greater as the Baby Boomer generation ages.

In California, the primary way criminal charges are filed for allegations involving the abuse of the elderly or a dependent adult include:

  • Abuse of elder or dependent adult under Pen. Code, § 368(c); or
  • Abuse of an elder or dependent adult likely to produce great bodily harm or death under Pen. Code, § 368(b)(1).

Attorney for Elder Abuse Crimes in Ventura, CA

If you were charged with a crime of physical abuse or financial fraud against the elderly or a disabled adult, then contact an attorney at Jay Leiderman Law.  Jay Leiderman’s office is conveniently located in Ventura, CA.

These crimes of elder abuse in Ventura, CA, often involve allegations that the defendant appealed to the victims’ vulnerability and diminishing capacity.

Law enforcement officers receive special training on how to investigate allegations that a person is a perpetrator of elder financial abuse. You also need a criminal defense attorney with experienced fighting these kind of cases.

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This article was last updated on Friday, July 26, 2019.