Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are among the most serious and stigmatized charges anyone can face. Penalties can include substantial time behind bars, heavy fines, and a duty to register as a sex offender that can last a lifetime.

Law enforcement officers often jump to conclusions without completing a thorough investigation to find out the reasons why the complaining witness might have made a false or exaggerated accusation.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can show problems with the prosecutor’s case including a showing that the alleged victim or other witnesses are no credible.

Sometimes the complaining witness is motivated to make a false accusation in order to gain a financial advantage in a pending divorce or child custody battle. Other cases involve mistaken identity or misidentification.

The best defenses often require filing motions to suppress illegally obtained evidence, motions to exclude unduly prejudicial evidence, or motions to dismiss charges not supported by sufficient evidence.

Attorney for Sex Crimes in Ventura, CA

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After you learn of the accusation, seek out the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Find an attorney quickly so that all avenues of fighting the case are still open.

Jay Leiderman takes an aggressive and proactive approach to fight serious charges for a sex crime.

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Overview of Sex Crimes Law in California

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Penalties for Sex Crimes in California

Convictions for sexually motivated crimes in California come with harsh penalties including:

  • a designation as a sex offender which comes with a lifetime of registration requirements;
  • incarceration in the county jail or state prison system;
  • hefty fines and court costs; and
  • a possible felony conviction.

Additionally, a conviction for a sex crime in California might require a lifetime requirement to be registered on California Meagan’s Law website as a sex offender.

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Types of Sex Crimes Prosecuted in California

The term “sex crime” refers to a host of felony and misdemeanor offenses involving sexually motivated crimes. The most common types of sex crimes prosecuted in California include:

  • failure to register as a sex offender;
  • human trafficking;
  • inappropriate touching of a child;
  • possession of child pornography;
  • prostitution crimes for soliciting a prosecute or offering to commit prostitution; or
  • sexual assault;
  • statutory rape.

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Defenses to Sexually Motivated Crimes in California

The most common defenses to sexually motivated crimes in California include:

  • the touching never occurred;
  • the touching did occur but was consensual;
  • the victim identified the wrong person as the perpetrator of the crime; or
  • the false or exaggerated allegations do not constitute a crime.

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Additional Resources

Ventura’s Sexual Assault Family Protection Unit – Investigators in the Sexual Assault Family Protection Unit work closely with prosecutors handling sexual assault cases in Ventura County. Sexually motivated crimes include child molestation, statutory rape, sexual assault and other forcible sex crimes subject to lengthy prison sentences.

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