Domestic Violence Batterer’s Program

Prosecutors in Ventura County, CA, who prosecute domestic violence cases often want the person accused of the crime to submit to a 52 week batterer’s program. In fact, Section 1203.097, subdivision (a)(6) requires “[s]uccessful completion of a batterer’s program” as a mandatory term of probation in a domestic violence case.

The statute provides:

“The defendant shall attend consecutive weekly sessions … and shall complete the program within 18 months, unless, after a hearing, the court finds good cause to modify the requirements of consecutive attendance or completion within 18 months.” (§ 1203.097, subd. (a)(6).)

The Penal Code lists specific mandatory components of the batterer’s program, its “goal [being] to stop domestic violence.” § 1203.097, subd. (c)(1)(A)–(P).

The statute provides, “An indigent defendant may negotiate a deferred payment schedule, but shall pay a nominal fee, if the defendant has the ability to pay the nominal fee. Upon a hearing and a finding by the court that the defendant does not have the financial ability to pay the nominal fee, the court shall waive this fee.” (§ 1203.097, subd. (c)(1)(P).)

Additional Resources

Domestic Violence Intervention Programs in Ventura County, CA – Learn more about organizations that provide domestic violence intervention counseling to the victims or survivors of sexual abuse and their support system and/or online romance scams. Free support groups provide counseling for adults and teens are provided at the COALITION FOR FAMILY HARMONY: RAPE CRISIS CENTER in Oxnard, CA.

Batterer’s Program in Ventura County, CA – Visit the Network of Care website to find a service directory. The service directory includes information proved by the Ventura County Human Services Agency on the Batterer’s Program managed by the Interface Children & Family Services. The structured 52-week group sessions in the batterer’s program in Ventura County, CA, are intended for the offenders of intimate or domestic violence. For men and women accused of abusing a spouse, the program is probation certified. Group sessions are available in cities throughout Ventura County. The program accepts those who are court mandated to participate as a part of probation and those without a court mandate. Also find information on the batterer’s intervention program provided by the Coalition for Family Harmony in Oxnard.