Domestic Violence Batterer’s Program

Prosecutors in Ventura County, CA, who prosecute domestic violence cases often want the person accused of the crime to submit to a 52-week batterer’s program. In fact, Section 1203.097, subdivision (a)(6) requires “[s]uccessful completion of a batterer’s program” as a mandatory term of probation in a domestic violence case.

The statute provides:

“The defendant shall attend consecutive weekly sessions … and shall complete the program within 18 months, unless, after a hearing, the court finds good cause to modify the requirements of consecutive attendance or completion within 18 months.” (§ 1203.097, subd. (a)(6).)

The Penal Code lists specific mandatory components of the batterer’s program, its “goal [being] to stop domestic violence.” § 1203.097, subd. (c)(1)(A)–(P).

The statute provides, “An indigent defendant may negotiate a deferred payment schedule, but shall pay a nominal fee if the defendant has the ability to pay the nominal fee. Upon a hearing and a finding by the court that the defendant does not have the financial ability to pay the nominal fee, the court shall waive this fee.” (§ 1203.097, subd. (c)(1)(P).)

Domestic Violence Attorney in Ventura, CA

Being charged with domestic, intimate partner violence, corporal injury, or battery is an uncompromising situation that has long-lasting impacts, regardless of finishing the prison sentence. Under, California Law if you were charged with any domestic violence offense (e.g., intimate partner violence, battery, corporal injury on a cohabitant, etc.), it will result in probation; thus, it is mandated to attend a Batterer’s program.

It is meaningful to understand the consequences of being convicted of domestic violence, consulting with an attorney at Jay Leiderman Law can benefit you in understanding your charges and how to proceed with your case. Domestic violence is a serious charge in the state of California, regardless of receiving a minimum sentence, attending a Batterer’s program can become financially expensive and timely. Do not hesitate to contact Jay Leiderman Law to consult with an experienced professional.

Evading a domestic violence charge is crucial to your personal and professional life. Call Jay Leiderman Law at (805) 654-0200 to inform yourself of the complications that arise from being charged with domestic violence.

Overview of Batterer’s Program in California

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Probation Regulations

Being on probation due to a domestic offense under Penal Code 1203.097 Section 6211 has many terms and regulations. Some of the following conditions within the probation are the following:

  • A minimum period of probation of 36 months
  • A criminal court protective order (restraining order)
  • Booking the defendant within one week of sentencing
  • Having to pay a fee and any additional fines
  • Successful completion of the Batterer’s program, in addition to any counseling program designated by the court
  • Community Service – Depending on the case community service might be ordered, and this will also require evidence of completion

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Batterer’s Intervention Program Attendance Requirements

In many cases, being convicted of domestic violence or sentenced to probation for a domestic violence-related offense, the defendant attends a Batterer’s program.

The program constitutes multiple courses meant to assist the defendant with educational resources to help them control their emotions, understand the cause of their anger, and improve relationships with loved ones.

The following are requirements to complete the Batterer’s program:

  • Meeting once (1) a week for two (2) hours
  • Must complete the program within 18 months of the court order
  • Must enroll in the program within thirty (30) days of being convicted
  • Must have consistent attendance
  • Only three (3) absences are allowed
    • The absences must be made up and be of the same program content as the missed sessions
    • Attending a make-up session does not mean that the absences are erased, therefore, having a fourth absence will cause immediate termination of the program
    • Excused absences must be approved (i.e., a request can be made of a leave of absence from participation in the program under certain circumstances)
  • The defendant is responsible for the program fee – unless, upon findings by the court state that the defendant (person who is accused of the crime) is not financially able to pay the nominal fee, the court shall waive the fee
  • The program has the authority to impose any conditions on participation in the program as long as it is in alignment with the requirements of the court or probation (e.g., abstinence from drugs, attending mental health treatment, or sexual abuse treatment)

Not only does being charged with domestic violence negatively impact your relationships with others, but it can also lead to hefty fines. One of the many long-term consequences is having to attend a program for a year and paying the fees. Domestic violence is a severe offense in the state of California that is not taken lightly; whether you are convicted or accused, contacting an experienced lawyer is fundamental in assuring the best results. Jay Leiderman Law has experience in criminal law-related cases such as abuse. Contacting an attorney at Jay Leiderman Law is the first step in making sure you have representation.

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Additional Resources

Domestic Violence Intervention Programs in Ventura County, CA – Learn more about organizations that provide domestic violence intervention counseling to the victims or survivors of sexual abuse and their support system and/or online romance scams. Free support groups provide counseling for adults and teens are provided at the COALITION FOR FAMILY HARMONY: RAPE CRISIS CENTER in Oxnard, CA.

Batterer’s Program in Ventura County, CA – Visit the Network of Care website to find a service directory. The service directory includes information proved by the Ventura County Human Services Agency on the Batterer’s Program managed by the Interface Children & Family Services. The structured 52-week group sessions in the batterer’s program in Ventura County, CA, are intended for the offenders of intimate or domestic violence. For men and women accused of abusing a spouse, the program is probation certified. Group sessions are available in cities throughout Ventura County. The program accepts those who are court-mandated to participate as a part of probation and those without a court mandate. Also, find information on the batterer’s intervention program provided by the Coalition for Family Harmony in Oxnard.

Court Ordered Batterers’ Anger Management – Learn more about the Ventura County Probation Agency (VCPA) and the requirements of successful completion of a Batterer’s program. The document also provides detailed information about the sentencing procedure of Domestic Violence cases in Ventura County. The procedure includes VCPA preparing a report for the court, this assists the judge in assessing the case and determining your sentencing.

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Lawyer in Ventura County, CA for Domestic Violence Offenses

Under California law, domestic or intimate partner violence has many consequences (e.g., paying fines, loss of employment, etc.); having a professional attorney with experience is crucial in understanding your particular case. The accusation alone of domestic violence is a traumatic experience that will lead to a treacherous path. It is urgent to consult an attorney; it is not only your reputation in jeopardy but also your freedom.

If you were charged with any kind of domestic violence or abuse against an intimate partner, contact a professional at Jay Leiderman Law for consultation. Addressing the charge that can ultimately affect your life is essential. In some cases, being charged with any domestic violence offense can lead to deportation. Call Jay Leiderman Law at (805) 654-0200 for consultation

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