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When searching for the right attorney, it is often the worst time in your life. Finding a good one, and the right one for you, is a daunting task. Jay Leiderman Law believes that they are the right firm for you for many reasons.

Attorney Jay Leiderman co-authored the first ever book on the legal defense of medical marijuana crimes and has been called the “Hacktivist’s Advocate” for his work defending those accused of computer crimes. He has been recognized and won awards for going above and beyond to represent clients accused of all sorts of crimes; from the smallest misdemeanor to the most serious felony case.

After frequently taking on high-profile cases, Jay Leiderman is highly experienced in speaking with the media. He is a frequent commentator in print, on the radio and has even been on TV and in film speaking about his cases. He frequently lectures around the state and nation on various criminal defense topics. (See Press Section here). Jay has also authored a chapter in a book on the defense of internet crimes.

Jay has dedicated his entire professional career to standing up for the rights of the accused. Jay believes in his role as an advocate for the accused. He has always been a champion of personal rights and a staunch defender of our constitutional freedoms. In short, Jay’s entire professional life has been dedicated to ensuring that those accused of crimes receive the most vigorous, competent and artful defense. Jay has dedicated himself to providing that hard hitting defense while still remaining open and accessible to his clients.

Jay was born and raised in and around New York City. He attained his Bachelor of Arts in both History and Film/Video Studies from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1993. He obtained his Juris Doctorate from the University of San Francisco School of Law in 1999. Jay was also President of the USF Law School Student Body in 1998-1999, and was a tutor in Criminal Law and Procedure, and won an award for best oral argument in his mock trial class. Jay’s interest has always been in criminal defense and he has focused his career accordingly.

After law school, Jay joined the Office of the Public Defender in Ventura, California. He worked there for almost six and one-half years before venturing into private practice. Jay has defended virtually every type of case and client, from those facing a charge of murder to those faced with driving on a suspended license or DUI. Jay has also handled dozens of cases involving all types of medical marijuana defenses.

Indeed, he is one of the most experienced medical marijuana defense attorneys in the State. Jay has experience defending computer hacking crimes, drug sales and possession, rape, sexual assault and unlawful sexual intercourse, child molestation, possession of child pornography, possession of bombs, theft and embezzlement of all varieties, robbery, burglary, counterfeit currency, violations of gang injunctions and restraining orders, hit and run involving serious bodily injury and property damage.

Jay is well-known in the legal and business community for a hard charging, even handed and dedicated approach to each new case backed up by the willingness and ability to fight for the best results for his clients. Those that know Jay’s work describe him as a “true believer,” willing to go to the mat for his clients.

He is a lifetime member of the NORML Legal Committee.

The Law Offices of Jay Leiderman looks forward to assisting you in your time of need.


  • Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year – USA, Lawyer Monthly Magazine (UK), 2016
  • Perfect Attorney Rating; begun in 2015 and has not changed. Superb Rated Attorney 10.0, AVVO, 2015
  • Top Attorneys, Top Attorneys of Southern California, Los Angeles Magazine, 2019
  • Top 100 Lawyers, National Trial Lawyers Top 100, 2015
  • Top 100 Lawyers, Top 100 Lawyers, National Trial Lawyers, 2019
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  • Top 100 Lawyers, Top 100 Lawyers, 2017
  • Top 100 Lawyers, Top 100 Lawyers, 2018
  • Rated 10.0, Top Rated Lawyer, American Registry, 2018
  • Joyce Yoshioka Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Criminal Justice System, Ventura County Criminal Defense Bar Association, 2009
  • Selected Among America’s Most Honored Professionals, America’s Most Honored Professionals, American Registry, 2018
  • Honors the top 10% of lawyers in the USA, Top 10%, Lawyers Of Distinction, 2017
  • Honors the top 10% of lawyers in the USA, Top 10%, Lawyers Of Distinction, 2016
  • District of Columbia Federal Court, 2016
  • Federal Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, 2018

Scholarly Lectures/Writings:

  • Co-Author, NORML’s Guide to Medical Marijuana Law in California, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, 2011
  • My column concerns matters related to computer hacking law. It is called “Hacking the Law.” , Columnist, Hacking the Law, Los Angeles, and San Francisco Daily Journal, Law, 2017


  • You know Anonymous, the hacktivist group that performs cyber ops to advance social and political change. Now, meet Jay Leiderman, the California-based lawyer who represents Anonymous, pro bono. Leiderman specializes in cyber law and he’s become the go-to resource for cyber protestors. Armed with detailed knowledge of cyber policy, Leiderman’s goal is to change outdated computer laws., Better Call Jay, CNN’s Great Big Story, 2017
  • Ripped from international headlines, The Hacker Wars takes you to the front lines of the high-stakes battle over the fate of the Internet, freedom and privacy., The Hacker Wars, Law, 2014
  • The Lawyer Who Defends Anonymous Jay Leiderman isn’t your normal defense attorney. He’s committed his career to defending hackers, including Anonymous, the world’s most secretive and famous hacking organization., The Lawyer Who Defends Anonymous, 2017,