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At Jay Leiderman Law, we have proven results over years of practice, and we are uniquely qualified to represent you in your time of need. We are situated in Ventura, California but we handle cases throughout the state. We have the expertise, experience and skill to handle numerous types of legal matters.

Many defense attorneys advertise that they once worked for the District Attorney or prosecutor. Jay Leiderman Law are proud to say they have never worked to incarcerate individuals accused of crimes, nor would they. Why would you hire someone who at one time worked hard to jail someone for the very crime for which you or your loved one is now being accused? Is that person one who believes in you and your case? Do they truly care about your rights? Did they care about them when they used to tell the judge to lock someone just like you up—to toss ‘em in jail? Hire someone that knows defense work inside and out, and believes in you, your rights, and your innocence. Hire someone with a proven record of always fighting for those just like you—not against you! Moreover, hire someone you know is a Criminal Law Specialist approved by the California Bar Board of Legal Specialization.

Jay Leiderman Law won't take any case that walks through the door, but we will handle any case we take in a manner that will satisfy you, using passion, honesty, care and dedication. Our areas of practice are limited to those that we have proven our ability through results. They include criminal law, constitutional law, construction law and litigation, and business law and litigation.

Medical Marijuana Law in California Book

Prepared by Jay Leiderman and James B. Devine:
Medical Marijuana Law in California

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